Bitlife Santa Challenge — Here’s How To Complete It

Bitlife is live with its brand new Christmas themed challenge “Bitlife Santa Challenge”. If you are searching to know how this challenge can be completed, then you are reading the most related article. Keep reading to know all the requirements to complete this challenge.

As every online game is busy celebrating the happy occasion of Christmas, Bitlife has also come forward with this amazing challenge. The challenge asks the players to become an ideal bad Santa. There are 6 requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to become a bad Santa and complete the challenge.

Once the players fulfill all the 6 requirements, they will receive a stamp that depicts the completion of challenge. Along with this stamp players will also get some new accessories for their accounts. Let’s dive into detail to know all the requirements.

What Is Santa Challenge In Bitlife 

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Having Christmas right next at the corner, Bitlife players have a new challenge to complete. Gamers have to turn themselves into a bad Santa in order to complete this challenge. Below are the requirements you need to fulfill. These actions will encourage you to become a worse Santa this year.

  • The first requirement is to “Be a male”
  • Secondly you have to “Become Santa”
  • Then the players have to “Be depressed”
  • You need to “Burgle 10 homes”
  • To become bad Santa you also need to “Shoplift 10 items”
  • You have to “Tell a child that Santa is not real”

Once you meet all the said requirements you will be able to earn the stamp that will show the completion of event along with some free accessories for your account. The event is so much fun; let’s see how to complete each clause of this challenge.

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How To Do Santa Challenge In Bitlife 

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Let’s discuss how each requirement can be fulfilled in the shortest time span,

Be a male

The first requirement will be fulfilled during the character creation process. No matter what your gender is, you have to get a male character in order to proceed towards the second clause.

Become A Santa

To become a Santa you have to get older. Wait until your character gets 65 years old. Then you have to grab a part time job to become a mall Santa.

Be Depressed

To become depressed you have to go through some negative events. This might take enough time because you have to wait until something horrible strikes you. You can get depressed if lose a loved one, a job, or get rejected by multiple people to enter relationships.

Burgle 10 homes

The forth step to become a Bad Santa is you need to burgle at least 10 homes. This is the phase where you have to commit crime. To get it done you have to go down the activities tab and choose to commit crimes. Here, you will get to see a raccoon icon and now you can get into a home and steal whatever is inside there. You have to follow the same procedure until you rob 10 homes.

Shoplift 10 items

The next step that will take you closer to become a Bad Santa is to Shoplift 10 items. To get it done you have to go down the activities tab and choose to commit crimes and then you will get the option to Shoplift items. Select the option and complete it right away.

Tell a child that Santa is not real

The last option that will help you complete this challenge is to Tell a child that Santa is not real. This is a random scenario which will occur once in the lifetime of your character, So, you need to be vigilant in order to complete this last requirement.

Bottom line

This was all about the Bitlife’s Christmas themed challenge. Hope the article has provided all available information you needed you know. Good luck with the challenge!

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