Hidden Bunker Fortnite Challenge — All Details Provided

Fortnite players are now up with the week nine challenge “Hidden Bunker Fortnite Challenge”. If you are among those players wondering to know where these hidden Bunkers can be found, then you are on the most related article. Keep reading and clear the challenge in a single go.

The Fortnite players are rushing to complete Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 5 weekly challenges. These challenges are an amazing way to earn tons of XP so that players can level up in their Battle passes and finish the seasons on a higher XP. This time, as they have reached week nine, they have got the challenge to find the Hidden Bunker.

Players have to spot the 3 bunkers hidden in various locations on the map. Today in this article we have gathered all information to design a step by step guide for players to complete this challenge in a single go. Keep reading to know how, and from where these bunkers can be accessed.

What Is Hidden Bunker Fortnite Challenge

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Bunker Fortnite Challenge is one of the challenge among the week nine challenges of Fortnite’s chapter 2, season 5. The challenge asks the players to find the three hidden bunkers after visiting the Apollo island. The challenge is quite tricky as you need to be more vigilant to spot the bunkers. Each of three bunkers need a keen eye to be spotted but the one bunker will be the trickiest of all.

The three bunkers are located in Slurpy Swamp, one near Craggy Cliffs, and one near Retail Row. Knowing the location isn’t just enough to spot them. You will need to know more details about how to get these.

There is no any restriction related to the bunker’s location. You can find any of the bunker first but you will only be able to complete one find per visit to the island. The proceeding paragraph will explain how each of these bunkers can be spotted.

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Where Is The Hidden Bunker In Fortnite

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Here is the exact location of all the three bunkers, keep reading!

The Ocean Bunker

The ocean bunker located in the Slurpy Swamp will be the trickiest to find. It is located north-west of Fortnite’s Slurpy Swamp, where you will find a beach full of corals. Once you get to the location, you have to swim into the sea while pointing down your camera. Players have to swim out towards left in order to spot the bunker.

The Northern Bunker

The next bunker you will need to find is Northern Bunker, that can be found to the north end of island, between Stealthy Stronghold and Craggy Cliffs. It is small island where the bunker is hidden. You have to find a beach house with a deck attached to the back of it. Once you get it, look for a stone wall under the deck, break it and then you will be able to witness the bunker behind.

Fortnite’s Cliffside Bunker

This is the last bunker you need to spot in order to complete this challenge. You can find it to the east of Retail Row. It is located on a cliff. You have to look for a grove of pine trees containing a large bush next to a rock. To spot the bunker you will have to clear out the bushes. Once cleared, you will get the last bunker. Once you get the last bunker, the challenge will end and you can claim 20,000 XP reward.

Final Words

This was all about the Hidden Bunker Fortnite Challenge. Hope the information provided in this article will help you earn sweet 20,000 XP reward. Happy Gaming!

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