How To Fix Queue/Competitive Is Disabled Error In Valorant? Explained

Valorant players are encountering an error in the Gameplay that says, ‘Queue/Competitive Is Disabled’ and they are looking to know how to fix it. If you are among these players looking to get this issue fixed, we have got you covered. Below we have gathered all the information about what the Queue/Competitive Is Disabled error is all about and how to fix it in Valorant.

As multiple players are facing downtime, Valorant players have taken it to Twitter and other platforms to find a clue about what’s going on with Valorant. Some players have an opinion that the game is down while others are facing an error that is hindering their gameplay.

To confirm whether or not Valorant is facing a downtime, we checked upon the downtime detector and have come to know that there have been 432 instances of downtime for the popular online shooter which has spiked from a baseline of 5. These reports are from 9.02 AM BST, 12 October 2022.

Besides facing downtime, some players are also encountering some errors code, Queue is disabled’ and ‘Competitive is disabled’. Though the game developers haven’t rolled any permanent fix to the issue, below we have added some temporary fixes that can help you continue with your gameplay.

Quick Fix Queue/Competitive Is Disabled Error Valorant

How To Fix Queue/Competitive Is Disabled Error In Valorant

Besides encountering glitches and errors Valorant is currently facing a downtime. As we checked the down scenario of Valorant, we have got the below results with Down Detector:

  • 60% of Server Issues
  • 24% Gameplay Related
  • 15% Login Issues

We also got the information that most of their outages are isolated to US servers as more complaints are being received from this region. Following are the areas that reported the most complaints:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Washington
  • Chicago

The players are not really happy about the issues and they have taken to Twitter to report this displeasure. Despite several complaints, the developers have not come forward with an explanation about the issue.

Some users have an opinion that the errors are also a consequence of server issues. They are expecting to have their issues resolved as soon as possible.

How To Fix Quick Fix Queue/Competitive Is Disabled Error?

Image Of Quick Fix Queue/Competitive Is Disabled Error Valorant

Though the Queue/Competitive Is Disabled Error is a normal error that players can face in even normal circumstances, players are currently associating these with server issues.

Whether you are facing these errors following server issues or as part of normal glitches, the good news is these can easily be resolved.

All you need to do is restart Valorant and you will get rid of the ‘Competitive Is Disabled’ error. If even after restarting Valorant the error prevails, you can try restarting your platform. Do a full power recycle, unplug your PC/Laptop, etc from its power source for up to a minute. Now, boot them back up, and you will get rid of this issue.

If the errors prevail even after restarting your entire system, there is a possibility that it is a server error. And it can only be resolved at Server’s end.

Although Valorant has not addressed these issues as of now, we are expecting that the developers will soon fix these issues.

Make sure to report your complaint on Twitter and mention the official Valorant Twitter account. Also, keep stock of the game’s official social handles to get reports about the errors and downtime.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Queue/Competitive Is Disabled Error is all about and how to fix it in Valorant. We just hope that the issue will get resolved soon.

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