Rainbow Kiss Trend On TikTok – It Doesn’t Seem To Stop

The bizarre Rainbow Kiss Trend has once again surfaced on TikTok as users are recording their reactions while looking up this term on Google. The reactions have gone viral and several people who were not aware of this trend have started hopping onto it. If you are among the users who are about to look up the Rainbow Kiss on Google, we would suggest you not do it. Here is what this term is all about and why isn’t it settling well with the users.

TikTok these days is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Just recently, the users were getting behind a trend where they were trying to cook their chicken in a chemical substance called ‘Nyquil’ and now they are talking about tasting the rainbow.

Though this is not surprising to witness bizarre trends and challenges on the TikTok app what is more surprising is that several people are hopping into their bizarre challenges. We were praying for the rainbow kiss trend to end but it doesn’t seem to settle this early. TikTok users are not letting it settle and it is getting even more popular on the video-sharing app.

If you are confused about what this trend is all about, we have got you covered, here is everything you need to know about what the rainbow kiss trend on TikTok is all about and why the trend is going viral on TikTok.

TikTok Users’ Reactions To Rainbow Kiss Going Viral

Image Of TikTok Users’ Reactions To Rainbow Kiss Going Viral

Rainbow trend initially emerged as a slang term. People used this term to refer to a nasty kiss. But now as several people have come to know its meaning they are asking their friends to look up this term on Google while recording their reactions. Afterward, users are sharing this reaction to TikTok thus it has now become a viral trend.

Well, before explaining what actually a rainbow kiss is, let us tell you that it is a filthy act and after knowing about it you may not be able to take your next meal.

The Rainbow kiss is all about a filthy sex act that involves menstrual blood. Yes, you heard it right! See, we warned you not to read about it, but if you want to know a detailed explanation of it, here is what it is.

Well, it is a kind of oral s*x during the period, after the oral s*x the couple then proceeds to kiss one another and when they exchange saliva it makes a rainbow (as per their opinion).

Though several medical practitioners have warned people not to do such sexual acts but people actually love doing such bizarre acts.

What Does A Rainbow Kiss Mean?

Image Of What Does A Rainbow Kiss Mean

Several users, who were not aware of the meaning of this term, have looked it up for this term on Google and have ended up embarrassed. We have come across some hilarious reactions from users to this trend.

One of the funniest reactions is added by a TikTok user known on TikTok as Sarah Hathcock. At the beginning of the video, Sarah talks about how someone has asked her to look up this term.

Sarah reveals in the video that she is already being told not to look up for the term and that she knows this is something really bad but she still decides to look up for this term.

As she comes back, she comes with a traumatized face and she was not even able to talk.

In response to these videos, users have revealed that staying away from Google in this case is bliss. Here is how they have reacted to this bizarre term.

One person wrote, “And that’s why I say IGNORANCE IS BLISS”

Another said, “Aaaand that’s enough TikTok for today.”

“That is foul! I looked it up and wish I didn’t” wrote another user.

“What the… why in the world did you mad me google that I can’t keep it out of my head”, explained one.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the rainbow kiss trend on TikTok is all about and why should you avoid it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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