Are There Zombies In China? Debunked

TikTok users are going crazy over rumors and this time they actually think there are zombies in China. Well, it better be a rumor as we already are done with Monkey Pox and Corona.

It is not a surprise to come across rumors on TikTok that claim we are near doomsday. Ever since its launch, we have witnessed thousands of videos on TikTok that claimed the world will end soon. Just recently, several users on TikTok were convinced that the world is going to end on 2-2-22. The reason why most people considered this date for the world to end as it is a palindrome date. Though nothing such as disasters are affiliated to palindrome dates, it’s just the mentality of TikTok users or you can say tricks to garner views and comments.

Nonetheless, 2-2-22 has passed already and nothing has happened yet. No disaster, nor a terrorist attack, and neither did the doomsday take place.

Following this trend, another viral rumor that is flaunting across the video-sharing app is about the existence of zombies in China. Content creators are sharing videos and information claiming that a zombie apocalypse is near and several users are convinced about what they are getting to hear.

So, are there actually zombies in China? Do zombies exist in real? We have broken down everything below.

TikTok Users Think There Are Zombies In China?

Image Of TikTok Users Think There Are Zombies In China

The rumors about zombies’ existence in China has all started following an article that is being shared in multiple TikTok videos. The article claims that a zombie apocalypse is “most likely to start in China”.

Although there is no scientific proof of the zombies’ existence, people on TikTok are still following these rumors blindly. Some users are concerned about how they are going to face this zombie apocalypse while others are busy sharing memes about the trend.

Well, for now, it is safe to say that the ‘Zombies In China Trend’ is just a rumor and there is no evidence to back this claim. Also, rest assured as zombies only exist in movies and books.

As the ‘Zombies In China Trend’ has gone viral on TikTok, several users have taken it to Twitter to joke about it and the responses are quite hilarious.

Zombies In China Trend TikTok

Image Of Zombies In China Trend TikTok

Here is how users have addressed the ‘Zombies In China Trend’ on Twitter:

One user said, “Bro these zombies in china better be a joke”.

Another wrote, “First was pink sauce then get krissed the monkey pox, doja shaved her head, china wants a war with USA. NOW ZOMBIE IN CHINA im moving to the moon.”

“Excuse me? Zombies in china blackpink just announced their world tour is happening those damn zombies better stay their ass in china until it’s over”, said another user.

“TikTok is so wild cause wdym they think there’s a zombie’ in China”, wrote another.

“Breaking utter panic that there is a zombie apocalypse on the horizon. And that it’s all starting in China !!!” said one.

Joking about the trend one user wrote whilst sharing an image of a cartoon character oat:

“This might be the luckiest cartoon character oat. He missed COVID, Cancel Culture, Monkey Pox, And The Zombies”

Another crazy user said, “Wait so is it just a TikTok rumor or there is actually a “weak” zombie spotted in china???

Another user Tweeted, “omg there’s a zombie in china??? I’ve been waiting for this all my life. I’ve always wanted to know how long I’d last”.

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The Final Thoughts

To clear the air of panic, let us mention once again that, there are no zombies in China. These are mere speculations and tricks to earn likes and views on TikTok.

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