New Multiversus Evo Codes – All Redeemable Codes Provided

If you are eyeing some new cosmetics rewards to add to your WB account, you have reached the right spot, there are some New Multiversus Evo Codes to redeem. Here in this blog you will we will reveal all the New Multiversus Evo Codes. Stay tuned!

Although MultiVersus is not among the top-rated games that got featured at Evo 2022, this game certainly has amassed enough popularity recently. Over the past 2 days, MultiVersus has garnered enough attention from the players.

Alongside the action, the players are now willing to not miss out on the game’s newest code giveaways. If you are among these players looking for the New Multiversus Evo Codes, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the New Multiversus Evo Codes and how you can redeem them inside the game. Keep reading!

How To Redeem The New Multiversus Evo Codes?

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Multiversus has now rolled some new codes for the players to deem, as a token to celebrate their first appearance at the famous eSports event. The codes upon redeeming will help you unlock a fresh set of rewards. So, are you excited to unlock the rewards? You surely must be, as these rewards are going to be something that you have never experienced earlier.

The best thing is that you can get these rewards in two different ways. The first way to unlock the rewards is to watch the official MultiVersus Evo Livestream on Twitch and to have a linked WB account.

If you have failed to watch the MultiVersus Evo Livestream on Twitch and link your WB account, there is nothing to worry about as there is another way to grab these rewards. But remember, you will have a very limited time to grab all the items.

To get the rewards following the second method, you will have to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, you will have to visit the official website of MultiVersus.
  • Next, login, or create a WB Games account.
  • Following that, you will be required to go to the MultiVersus Redeem Code section and type in EVO2022.
  • Make sure you are not making any mistakes in typing the code, also the alphabet must all be written in Caps. Not to make any mistake, we would suggest you simply copy and paste the code provided above.
  • Once you enter the code and hit done, you will receive a notification revealing that you have completed the process successfully.

New Multiversus Evo Redeemable Codes

Image Of New Multiversus Evo Redeemable Codes

In their recent Tweet, MultiVersus has revealed that the official season one is soon to be rolled. In a recent Tweet, MultiVersus revealed: “Feast your eyes on this, MVPs: our Season 1 Snapshot! Stay tuned for an official Season 1 announcement date, coming very soon. #MultiVersus #Evo2022”.

Another message from the game reveals, “Please note: In order to be eligible to redeem a code, you must have MultiVersus installed and have signed into the game at least once.

“Visit and redeem your #Evo2022 exclusive items using the code: EVO2022. Items will be available in player accounts at the start of Season 1.”

As mentioned earlier, you will not receive all these items directly in your account, instead, these will be tied to the final release date of Season 1.

The date for the final release has, however, been delayed and we are not sure about when exactly will these items be dropped into MultiVersus accounts.

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The Last Words

This was all about the New Multiversus Evo Codes and ways you can redeem them to get some amazing rewards. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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