When The Imposter Is Sus — All About The Trending Meme

You might have heard Among Us players saying the phrase “When The Imposter Is Sus” but do you know what it actually means and why is this meme so popular? If not then keep reading the article, you will get to know all details related to this trending meme. Stick with us!

Among Us is an online free to play multiplayer game, developed and published by American game studio, Innersloth. Due to the creative game field, Among Us is played and followed by millions of users from all around the world.

You might be amazed by the popularity it has gained just in 2 years after its launch in 2018. The recent active players count has crossed over 388000 players, which is huge for a newly launched game.

With the passage of time, game developers keep adding new Avatars and animations inside the gameplay, to spice up the game field. The game is beloved for the live streamers also, as thousands of content creators have uploaded videos on their YouTube channels.

These content creators and players also have created some convenient shorthand’s to communicate inside the game play. Among these short words, “Sus” word has taken over the internet and the meme army is using this word to its fullest. Let’s dive into detail, to learn how far this meme will go!

What Is When The Imposter Is Sus Meme

Image Of What Is When The Imposter Is Sus Meme

As described earlier, Among Us is a multiplayer game, and when you are playing in groups then you have to communicate with your fellow members. Sometimes during the game, you might not get time to utter long sentences because it takes a little time for imposter to get you.

So, considering this, Among Us players have created some shorthand words for their in-game convienece. Among these phrases “When The Imposter Is Sus” has currently taken over internet.

Players use the “sus” as a replacement of word Suspicious. They have created this short word, just to save their time and it is quite easy to type. The word “sus” is basically a gut feeling without evidence. Currently, the Among Us players have started using this word in their daily lives as well.

Inside the game, this word is used commonly when players are voting out. For example the imposter types in the chat, “idk youre pretty sus.” And then the next players responds with “they’re sus?” and someone else is like “I was in reactor and I didn’t see anything who are we voting for.” This is how it goes inside the game play.


Image Of Jerma985

The meme is flaunting on the internet as the players have started relating word “Sus” in their daily conversations. Though the meme has just spread but it actually was originated back in November last year.

It was firstly posted on Redditor on November 13th, 2020. He posted an edited image of YouTube streamer Jerma985 in /r/jerma985 subreddit. The picture is edited using the FaceApp, where the streamer is being given a fake smile. The post garnered 460 upvotes in just one month.

Following this another post was created by user monkeyboy3 where this previous meme was mentioned with a caption “When the impostor is sus! This how the viral “When the impostor is sus! Meme was created.

The readers should also know the word “Sus” was initially used in 2018.  The word indicates that one the player is suspected of being an impostor.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the famous meme When The Imposter Is Sus. After reading this article, we just hope that the meme makes sense to you. Follow us to know more about the trending game stories.

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