19 Dollar Fortnite Card — Here’s All About The Viral Meme

Fortnite players are sweeping the internet platforms with the viral 19 Dollar Fortnite Card meme. All of them are raising a single slogan that says “OK. $19 Fortnite card. Who wants it? And yes, I’m giving it away.

Remember: Share. Share. Share…and trolls? DON’T GET BLOCKED.” But do you know what it actually means? If not, then you have opened the most related site. Keep reading and get to know the back story of this viral meme.

Fortnite players are reciting these viral words on almost every social media platform. The meme has entered various platforms after a viral video created by TikTok entertainer and comedian @mrblocku. This video was initially created in January and till now it has spread on every social app.

Fortnite players are creating the remix version of this video and the Fortnite community is dying with laughter. Want to know why and how this viral video was created and how far will this viral meme go? Yes? Well, for that you have to stick with us till the end of this article.

What Is 19 Dollar Fortnite Card Meme

Image Of What Is 19 Dollar Fortnite Card Meme

The meme has become famous after a TikTok comedian @mrblocku has created a video. The video features him sitting at passenger seat of his car. The video is created in an irregular manner because the ultimate purpose of this video was to advertise a giveaway.

This was not the first time @mrblocku was advertsing some thing, he’s quite into this advertising thing since so long. In the video he addresses his fans to share, and not to troll.

As soon as this video went live on TikTok, Fortnite players started to react to it really fast. They took the audio form this video to create their own version of $19 Fortnite Card.

This is when the users started flooding the social media platforms with $19 Fortnite Card meme. So far, thousands of memes are being associated to this viral video. One meme related to this video has garnered more than twenty thousands of views on TikTok and every other similar meme is collecting an average of 2M views so far.

No More Fortnite Meme

Image Of No More Fortnite Meme

After the meme went viral, the TikTok content creator @mrblocku has also come forward to address the meme community. This is how he has responded to this ongoing hype, “To my trollers You gotta know this! You gotta know this! I DONT F WITH YOU! And i don’t really care what you do Cause you really don’t matter And nobody really care But I love doin this… BLOCKIN YOU!!!!!!!!

Though the original video was deleted by the entertainer from his TikTok account, may be because the giveaway ended. But later it was posted again form his YouTube channel.

The video is quite laggy as the camera angle was shifting constantly. After the video was uploaded on YouTube another user came forward with his own version of this meme that featured Morshu RTX ON. The video crossed 2000 views in just 3 days.

After this, on On January 26th another version of meme was created and published by cowbelly. This version was uploaded on both YouTube and Instagram. It features a mixed footage of Breaking Bad with the $19 Fortnite Card meme.

It has garnered more than 20,000 views on each of the platforms it was uploaded. This similar channel rolled another version right on the next day and this time the video collected 6,300 views in just a single hour.

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Concluding Thoughts

Though memes are meant for laughter only, but whenever you feel like, it is spreading any type of toxicity. Then you should stop it right away.

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