Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam — Don’t Fall For It

Fraudsters are again active on WhatsApp using the traditional tactic of spreading fake messages. Here’s about the Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam and reasons why you should not fall for it.

Following the scams like Toyota 80th Anniversary scam, Amazon 26th Anniversary scam and Rolex 100th Anniversary scam, scammers are now dragging Adidas into their evil deeds. Though the Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam got traction on Women’s day this year, it is still circulating over various social media platforms.

This is not the first time fraudulent people have used Adidas to trick people, last year also a similar scam was circulated with a message that read, “Adidas is giving away 3000 free pair of shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary. Get your shoes at..”

Let’s discover what the Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam is all about and how to report it.

What Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam

Image Of What Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam

WhatsApp has become vulnerable to crooks and scams messages. This social messaging application is full of fake offers that look too good to be true. The latest scam going viral on WhatsApp is the Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam.

The scam message comes with a link attached to it and it reads, “Congratulations! You have a chance to get free shoes provided by Adidas for 70th anniversary celebration”. In some cases the message comes as ““Adidas is giving away 700 Free Pair of Shoes and 7000 T-shirts* to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Get your free shoes at: **link**”

Upon clicking on the suspicious link, users are directed to a suspicious website with a fake domain name. The website then asks the users to complete a survey where they are required to provide their important credentials including name, age and address. It also urges the users to forward the message to 15 further contacts so that they can claim their prize.

Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam 2021

Image Of Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam 2021

Since there are so many fake websites, users are advised to follow the official pages of brands to know about their latest deals and promos. Furthermore, you should always confirm the source of messages before relying on them.

Thousands of people have fallen prey to this scam as the message has spread like a wild fire. Some people rely on this fake site because there are plenty of comments on the site claiming that they have won prizes. However, all these comments are fake made by fake accounts.

Another suspicious point about this website is that it is full of grammatical errors; professional companies like Adidas do not maintain their websites poorly. According to the users who have reported this scam, the Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam’s source code contains Chinese characters which isn’t a positive sign.

How To Report Adidas 70th Anniversary Scam

If you have forwarded this scam message to your contacts and provided any of your important credentials, here’s how to minimize the risk of being trapped.

  • Firstly, inform your friends and family not to forward the link anymore.
  • Inform your circle about the potential risks and ask them not to click on links received from anonymous sources.
  • Never share your important details with anonymous websites.
  • Don’t rely on the messages that offer you free gifts.
  • If you have provided your financial details, consult your financial institution.
  • Change your social media passwords because social media accounts are vulnerable to such scammers.
  • Before clicking on any of the links, hover over the URL and read the domain name vigilantly.
  • Inform the concerned companies about the scam messages and play your role by creating awareness among your friends circle.

Bottom Line

As the numbers of scams are increasing day by day, users should ignore the messages that lure them for free gifts. Always follow official websites of companies to stay updated about their giveaways and promos.

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