Big Mouth Filter — Here’s How To Get It

If you are a meme lover then you might have seen video memes with the hilarious Big Mouth Filter from Snapchat. Do you want to entertain your friends and family using this filter and don’t know how exactly this filter can be accessed then we are here for you. Keep scrolling and you will know all details related to the funny Big Mouth Filter.

Snapchat is the most admired filter by users, when it comes to variety of lenses. Since its launch Snapchat has entertained its users by providing variety of unique features. From Snapmap to Snap Streaks and from AR filters to amazing Geofilters, it has given the best experience to its users.

Snapchat was launched as a photo sharing application initially but later it became famous for the variety of filters it offered. The dog filter is liked by so many users and its following count is still increasing. Another funny filter that has become popular among the Snapchat community is Big Mouth Filter. Memer’s community is using the filter to its fullest. Let’s discuss the filter in more detail.

What Is Big Mouth Filter On Snapchat

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Among the funniest filters of Snapchat, comes the Big Mouth Filter. Once you apply this filter, your mouth will stretch out, your eyes will get broader and the nose will shrink giving you a funny look.

The filter also turns your voice into a humorous one. Altogether this lens is a complete package for the memer’s community. If you are a funny content creator, then you should try this filter once. An amazing fact about this lens is that, nobody will be able to recognize your face once the filter is applied, unless you reveal your identity by yourself.

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How To Get Big Mouth Filter On Snapchat

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If you are wondering to know how this filter can be accessed then, here is the detail.

You can get this lens using 2 methods,

Firstly, open your Snapchat account and tap on the smiley face right next to your camera button. Once you get exposed to the filters, look for the filter with an elongated mouth as icon. You can apply this filter on your face. But if you are unable to find it this way, then go to the settings and open the search bar. Type “Big Mouth” and hit enter tab. you will get this filter at the top of the list.

As we all know that Snapchat keeps updating its lenses every day. So, sometimes you might not be able to get your desired filter among the available filters list. Therefore, always remember to add your filters to your favorite filters list. Once you add the filter to your favorite filters list then you can access the filters anytime.

The second method to access this filter is by scanning the Snap Code for the filter available on the official website of Snapchat. All you have to do is open the official website of Snapchat and then look for the big mouth filter.

Once you find the icon, open your Snapchat camera and hold the camera on the Snap Code until you feel a vibration. Once the code is scanned the filter will automatically get added to the list of available Snapchat filters. You can then access the filter whenever you want to make a snap using this lens.

Last words

Snapchat filters are so much fun to use. If you are a new user, then you might feel this application a bit complicated to use, but once you get your hands on it then you will enjoy this filters world. This was all about the famous Big Mouth Filter on Snapchat, Keep following us to get familiar with all related filters, trends and challenges.

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