Is Rapper Tamer One Dead? Here’s All You Need To Know

One after another, we are getting sad news from the rapper community. First Takeoff, then Edot Baby, and now news revealed that Rapper Tamer One is dead. In a matter of seven days, the rapper community has lost three talented singers. As Rapper Tamer One has passed away, here is a look at his career and the reason for his death.

Earlier this week the rapper Takeoff was shot dead in an alleged shooting incident followed by Edot Baby who took his life and now Tamer One. Back-to-back sad news, and loss to the rapper’s community.

As per the police reports, Takeoff was shot dead in an alleged shooting incident while he was playing a dice game with his uncle and bandmate Quavo. On November 3rd, young rapper Edot Baby also passed away as per OnSmash died of a self-inflicted wound to his head.

Fans are now wondering about the reason behind Tamer One’s death and are wishing for this news to be fake. Unfortunately, this is not a death hoax, Tamer One has passed away at the age of 52. As the news has spread across the internet, fans are mourning his loss.

How Did Rapper Tamer One Die?

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Tamer One original name Rahem Brown was a Newark, New Jersey-based rapper. He was mainly known by his stage name Tame One.

Some of the top songs that led the rapper to stardom were Slick Talkin’, Homage 2 da Bomberz and more. During his professional life, Tame One worked with several groups like The Artifacts, Leak Bros, and The Weathermen.

Tamer One has passed away suddenly at the age of 52. The news about his passing is confirmed by his mother in a Facebook post.

Addressing Tamer’s fans, his mother Darlene Harris Brown wrote in a Facebook post, “I can‘t express this any other way. My son, Rahem Brown, Tamer Dizzle, is dead.”

 In the same Facebook post, the rapper’s mother also talked about his cause of death. She said, “The medical examiner says the six pharmaceutical drugs that Trinitas hospital prescribed to him last Friday, combined with the weed he smoked over this weekend…his heart simply gave out.”

Darlene Harris Brown concluded the Facebook post with a heartbreaking line saying, “The hardest words I will ever post or say is, my son, my heart, is dead.”

As soon as the news of his death was announced, several rappers and fans came forward to pay tribute to Tamer One. Adding a picture of Tamer One on Instagram Rapper Rah Digga wrote, “I usually don’t race to the internet to post news like this when I’m in the middle of feeling it…but we gonna give this Jersey legend his muth*f***** flowers!! Hold your head.”

Is Rapper Tamer Really Dead?

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Unfortunately yes! Rapper Tamer One is dead. He passed away as his heart stopped working. Tamer rose to fame in the year 1990 as a member of The Artifacts. The band consisted of Tame One, El Da Sensei, and DJ Kaos. The latter two also were music and graffiti artists.

The group’s first album that rose to prominence was Between A Rock and a Hard Place in 1994. The iconic 90s song Wrong Side of Da Tracks was part of this album. In the music video of this album, all three band members were seen showcasing their graffiti skills. The group spilt up in the year 1997 but later in 2010, they united again.

As the rapper has passed away, several of his fans have taken to Twitter to mourn his loss. One person said, “Yooooooooooooooooooooooo Tame One passed away?!?!?!? Tame was one of the most slept-on MCs out of Jers! Nothing but love, peace, and prayers for his soul and his family,”

Another wrote, “This Tame One news is hurting bad. RIP,”

“Rip tame one, a truly timeless mc”, wrote another.


“And now it’s Rest In Peace Tame One”, added another.

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The Last Words

This was all about how Rapper Tamer One died and a look at his career. May his soul finds peace.

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