Is Elon Musk Charging $16 For They Them Pronouns? Debunked

Twitter is on roll as the new owner Elon Musk has taken over. As the social media company has announced charging $8 for verified badge on Twitter, rumors reveal that Elon Musk is also charging $16 for they them pronouns. Is it true? Is Elon Musk really charging for They/them pronouns? We have broken down everything here in this article. Keep reading!

Twitter users are confused as the new owner of the Bird App is on a mission to change the fate of this platform.

Recently, Elon Musk revealed the news of taking over the social app in a $44 billion deal. The Tesla owner revealed the news by sharing a witty Tweet where he was seen entering the Twitter headquarters holding a sink in his hands. He captioned the Tweet, “Let this sink in”. After this Tweet, it became obvious that the Tesla owner took over the social platform.

After taking over the app, Elon Musk fired several of his top executives. News also revealed that he has cut Twitter’s employees number to half.

Amid this, Elon Musk has announced several new features to be introduced on the app soon. One of these features is the verified badge that everyone can have by paying $8. Following these changes, users are speculating if Elon Musk is going to charge $16 for the pronouns they them. If you too are wondering to know this answer, below we have broken down everything.

Is Elon Musk Charging For Using They Them Pronouns?

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Several hoaxes related to Twitter are flaunting across the internet and several users are falling for these fake rumors. Users are even falling for jokes and memes as social media platforms are being flooded with memes after Elon Musk’s takeover.

Earlier users fell for the parody that joked about Elon firing one of his top executives in a live podcast and now another joke has made users wonder about its legitimacy.

It all began when Elijah Schaffer shared a Tweet saying Elon Musk would be charging $16 from users who have written they/them pronouns in their bio.

The Tweet read, “@elonmusk says journalists with “they/them” pronouns in bio will pay a $16 monthly fee instead of the standard $8 for verification because “they” identify as multiple people.”

Elijah Schaffer was joking and he too made it obvious by writing, “I paid $8 for this”, on his handle. However, not many of the users caught the joke and they thought it was another addition to the policies of Elon Musk.

How Much Does Twitter Charge For Verified Badge?

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The joke that claims that users would have to pay $16 for using they/them pronouns has stemmed from the announcement that Elon Musk made earlier. Tesla owner has announced that Twitter users would have to pay an $8 monthly fee if they want to have a celebrity-like verified badge on their handles.

Twitter users were not really happy to pay money for getting a verified badge. As the Tweet got backlash from the users, Tesla owner was quick to defend it. Elon revealed that the rates for the subscriptions will be “adjusted by country proportionate to purchasing power parity.”

He further compared this feature to that of Starbucks and revealed that the monthly subscription cost will be the same.

Musk also clarified that the verified users will have some additional features. He pointed out that verified users will get priority in replies, mentions, and searches. This decision to charge the verified accounts is to lessen the count of fake handles.

The verified users will also be able to post longer videos and audio. They will also get the benefit of encountering lesser ads while surfing.

Nonetheless, several celebrities have bid farewell to Twitter after Elon Musk has taken over it. Upon being asked about the reason behind their leaving the platform, they revealed that their privacy is at stake.

The majority of users are not happy about Elon’s taking over the app. However, one person who is happy about the deal is Donald Trump!

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The Last Words

This was all about whether or not Elon Musk is charging $16 from users who are using they them pronouns in their bios. So, for now, this is merely speculation.

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