Famous Actor Jake Johnson in Burger King’s New Commercial

In this article, we will discuss one of the most circulating news Jake Johnson Burger King Commercial. Jake Johnson is an American actor, comedian, and director born on May 28, 1978, in Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. He got popularity after playing Nick Miller in the Fox comedy series named “New Girl”. For this role, he has received a Teen Choice Award.

Apart from that, he was also part of the movie “The Paper Heart” which was released in 2009 and in “Safety not Guaranteed” released in 2012. Other than acting he is also involved in comedy-drama film production.

Image of New Burger King Commercial 2020

Recently, many people have raised a question, is Jake Johnson in Burger King Commercial? So from here on, we will discuss this topic.

New Burger King Commercial and Jake Johnson

Other than playing different roles in various films, Jake Johnson has also worked as a voice artist and modeling. So he has to switch different professions to become a successful personality. People are curious to know about his presence in the new burger king commercial 2020.

About being his presence is still in doubt, maybe he is part of the cast in the commercial. According to a source, “Burger King’s new ad features a star you may have never seen in a food commercial before … mold.”

New Burger King Commercial Actors

When we talk about the voice actors in the new commercial of Burger King, they are as follows,

Character                          Voiced by

Kurger Bing         Allen Swift

Bag 1                        James Clamp

Bag 2                      Heath Brandon

Chester Cheetah           Adam Leadbeater

Optimus Prime             Peter Cullen

Skids                             Tom Kenny

Mudflap                        Reno Wilson

Homer Simpson            Dan Castellaneta

Details about Life and Career of Jake Johnson

When we talk about Jake’s career, he is associated with many accomplishments in his life and has won many titles. He is a graduate of the University of Lowa. He is known for his finest communication that is why he succeeded in acting.

When he was in Los Angeles, he has acted in many theatres and he has a lot of experience in theatre. As an actor, he debuted in 2007 in web series Derek and Simon and Continuation. As well, he appeared in a television show named Curb Your Enthusiasm. He got his first major role in 2009 in the movie “The Paper Heart”.

Image of Burger King Commercial Actors

In 2011 he also played a role as Jesus Christ in a stoner parody film. After that, he was part of the cast in the American Sitcom TV arrangement New Girl. This show became the reason for his popularity. And paved a way to play in much other parody function on the TV.

From his career, you can depict that, if you work with dedication and patience no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

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Many people are in muddle regarding Burger King’s new commercial. Whether Jake Johnson is part of the cast in the new ad. Well, his versatile career in which he has worked in many professions including acting, modeling, production, and voice acting. So, there should be no clue about being him in the new Burger King commercial.

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