A Cutest Rival Novel: Read Online About Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye

When an innocent faces injustice and embarrassment at the hands of evil, the perpetrators would not go scot-free forever. This is what we learn in A Cutest Rival. There will be someone else taking care of it if the victim fails to do so. As the saying goes, as you sow so shall you reap.

Everything has a demise in this world. Even if it is love. Falling in love, infatuated, and then retracing is part of the cycle emotions and feelings. But when the good turns to evil and love to hatred, it creates a whole new game.

A Cutest Rival

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This is the story of a pure soul that gets in love with the wrong man. Mango Shen is infatuated with the husband of three years. Yet she is sterile and cannot give him a child. The family wants an heir. She is aware of that and tries her best by exposing herself to every treatment possible.

She sacrifices her health and wellbeing for him. But he has no interest in her anymore. Mango Shen faces the unbearable tragedies of her life. Perpetrated at the hands of her rival, the ex-girlfriend of Nathaniel Ye, her world is turned into hell. But she miraculous escapes a murder attempt with her child in the belly. She must return with the most charming rival.

A Cutest Rival Novel

This is the story of a woman named Mango Shen who has been married to a man named Nathaniel Ye for the last three years. Despite in the marriage for the last three years, the Mango Shen Nathaniel Ye couple is not an ideal one. Mango is totally mad in love with him and he is indifferent to her feelings. She could not give an heir to her husband’s family. She has been going from pole to the post, using every allopathic and traditional medicine to impregnate.

After the struggle of three years and going from one corner to the other corner of the country for the treatment finally she is coming out of the hospital with a pregnancy slip in her hand that says she is pregnant. This is the happiest day of her life. She loves her husband more than anything and was upsetting and unsettling the ability to not being able to give a child to him.

But now this hurdle is over, Mango Shen will give her husband the greatest news of all time. As soon as she steps out of the hospital’s gate there she finds her husband holding the hand of a five-month pregnant woman. This other woman is none other than his ex-girlfriend.

This is something unbearable. She committed her life to keep the man happy three years ago. She made all efforts tested every medicine just to give him happiness, but he repaid her with this. When confronted he pushes A Cutest Rival Mango Shen to the ground but later realizes that his wife is pregnant too.

What next in A Cutest Rival Chinese Novel?

Soon his girlfriend runs away and he leaves the wife and goes after his estranged girlfriend. The devastated female protagonist goes home and signs the divorce papers she had prepared a couple of days ago. She signs them, removes the wedding ring from the finger, and moves out of the house with her luggage.

But at the gate, Mango Shen gets abducted by the men and taken to a warehouse. Where they take inappropriate pictures of her in an unconscious state. Later they put the warehouse on fire and leave her to burn alive. Later her inappropriate pictures appear on the internet with the caption women burnt by the conflagration while on a date with a stranger.

This all drama has been arranged by the husband’s girlfriend and he believes the news. She cannot share the man with another woman and fear that her child would not get the treatment as a real son if the wife bears a child. Thus she finds a way to remove her rival from the face of the earth.

A Cutest Rival Novel Read Online

When you read the Chinese novel further the story reveals that the protagonist miraculously survives and moves out of the country. When she returns five years later she has a four-year-old son with her body changed with plastic surgery. She is one of the famous designers in the world and has returned on an assignment.

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The toddler is older than the children of his age in wit and understanding, indeed the cutest rival for the father in the future. He knows what has happened to his mother and who has done it. He has a dream. That dream is to avenge his mother for all the maltreatment and injustice. This, he starts from the very first encounter with his so-called father.

What is going to happen now to Nathaniel Ye who didn’t care about his wife and let the world disgrace her? Would the son help his mother get even? Would there be a lesson for the man for his behavior? The female protagonist is not the meek and timorous girl anymore, Mango Shen has confidence and courage now.

A Cutest Rival Novel Full

Whether you are looking for A Cutest Rival Novel PDF or a Cutest Rival Novelcat Chapter 23 to read the story of Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye it is available for you to read. This story is full of emotional drama, the mischiefs of the witty child, the shenanigans of the sinister minds, and the aloofness of the lovers.

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