Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam — Coca Cola Warns Public

In some recent days, social media users have encountered a new scam, titled Coca Cola Welfare Fund. Coca-Cola and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications have already warned social media users about the potential risks. Here is all you need to know about this Scam!

Social media scams have become quite common these days. Most of the scammers pretend to be government officials or they relate themselves to big companies in order to make their victims believe them.

The recent scams that involved giant companies are, Toyota 80th Anniversary scam, Amazon 26th Anniversary scam and Rolex 100th Anniversary scam. Almost all of these scams used the traditional ways of asking users to participate in a survey and receive gifts.

Currently, a similar message pretending to be from Coca-Cola is flaunting on the internet. If you haven’t encountered it yet, here is how it works.

What Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam

Image Of What Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam

Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam is a new way to trick the innocent internet users. It comes as a message that reads:

“Coca-Cola Welfare Fund Click to participate in the survey has a chance to win 200,000 Riels. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications would like to inform the public about this scam and prevent measures such as scams.

One with the logo of any company using the deceptive message: “You are very lucky to be selected for the survey. In just one minute you will get a great reward! “We have prepared some prizes for those who will participate in the survey.”

Upon clicking on the provided link, users get directed to a suspicious website where they are asked to fill a survey form. The survey form inquires some personal details including name, date of birth, phone number, and address. Furthermore, by using these details, scammers get access to your social media accounts and in other cases, the information can also be used for identity theft.

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How To Report Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam

To save yourself and your friends from this scam please make sure to follow the below points:

  • Do not share anonymous messages containing links.
  • Confirm the details from relevant authorities before relying on them.
  • Never share your important credentials including, name, address, phone number, and financial details.
  • Educate your friends about the potential risks and suggest them to stay away from such luring messages.
  • Don’t click on the links received from anonymous sources.
  • Hover over the URL before clicking on the links and also observe the URL vigilantly.
  • If you have already provided any of your important details, call 016 451 678 for technical assistance.

Coca-Cola Welfare Fund 2021

Image Of Coca-Cola Welfare Fund 2021

Coca-Cola Philippines has also warned its customers about the viral scam. In one of their recent Facebook posts, they have informed the customers that they do not distribute any link under “Coca-Cola Welfare Fund”. In a Facebook post made on Friday, Coca-Cola Philippines Careers said: “We would like to inform the public that Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc.

does not distribute any link under “Coca-Cola Welfare Fund” that requires a survey in exchange for cash incentives. Please do not input any personal information or click any suspicious links from these offers. We advise everyone to remain vigilant against any scam, and to only engage with company representatives who use the official company email address”

In another post made on Saturday they further added,

“It has come to our attention that website links, showing the Coca-Cola logo, are circulating online. These sites are claiming that consumers will receive a prize from the company in exchange of answering a survey.

Please be informed that COCA-COLA is NOT CONNECTED in any way to these websites. These sites are also not related to the COKE Studio Itodo Mo, Beat Mo or any of the ongoing promos of the company.

We urge everyone to exercise caution and not to submit any information to these fraudulent websites. To learn of official and ongoing promos of the company, please visit and follow the COCA-COLA Philippines official Facebook page”.

Final Words

The viral Coca-Cola Welfare Fund Scam has already tricked hundreds of users. So, beware and do not rely on the information provided on suspicious websites. Follow the official pages of Coca-Cola to know about the ongoing promos and deals.

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