Expressify Filter On Instagram — Here’s How To Get it

The latest filter to go viral on Instagram stories and TikTok’s Foryou page is the Expressify Filter. It is a funny filter that changes your facial expressions by giving you a hilarious big mouth. If you haven’t tried the filter so far, then here is how to access this popular filter.

Another day passed and a new face-changing filter has made its way to various social media platforms. Not so long ago social media users were obsessed with the bald filter and the beard-less filter now these are being replaced by this new funny filter. From Instagram stories to Facebook feed and TikTok’s Foryou page, Expressify Filter is sweeping all the social media platforms.

The results of Expressify Filter are so hilarious. If you are wondering how to get on board and have some fun, wonder no more.

What Is Expressify Filter On Instagram

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Expressify Filter is another addition to the funny filters of TikTok. Being popular on Instagram some users think it is an Instagram filter. To your surprise, the Expressify filter isn’t available on Instagram currently. You can find this filter in the filters section of TikTok only.

Once applied on the face, it gives you a hilarious look. It initially takes your expressions and times them by ten. You will start by smirking and eventually end up grinning whilst your eyebrows will keep appearing halfway down on your face.

The super exaggerated facial features make it fun to play. Some users have the opinion that this filter makes you look like what you feel from inside. But this isn’t true. This is just a fun filter that cannot judge your expressions. It is just programmed to give you a really big smile or a huge frown.

Some TikTok users have also started a trend named Expressify Filter trend. To complete this trend you have to keep a straight face and apply the filter. If it gives you a huge smile, you are happy, but if it turns your expressions into a frown, you are sad. Though the challenge is quite fun to take part in, it doesn’t really tell you about how you feel.

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How To Get Expressify Filter On Instagram

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To get the filter you must have an updated TikTok account. This filter is only available on TikTok so you might not be able to get it on any other social media platform. Follow the below steps to lay your hands over this fun filled filter.

  • Firstly, launch your TikTok app and tap on the “Discover” tab in the bottom of the screen.
  • Type “Expressify” in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Now, tap on the “Expressify Filter” that appears under the ‘Effects’ heading.
  • Once you have got the filter, tap on the record button.
  • Stay still in front of the camera and wait for the filter to change your expressions.

If you are unable to get the filter using the above method, simply tap on the effects section. Look for expressify filter among the trending filters. You can find this filter with two cartoon faces (one smirking and the other grinning) as the filter icon.

Once you have found the filter, tap on the record button and be part of the viral Expressify filter challenge by adding some voluntary funny face expressions. You can also save the video to your camera roll and roll it on other social media platforms to have fun with your friends.

Concluding Remarks

The funny face changing filters from TikTok and other social media platforms are spreading smiles all over Internet. what are your thoughts about these fun filled filters?

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