Famous Twins On TikTok – Twins Dad Gets Shot

There is bad news flaunting on TikTok about the famous Twins dad. If you are here to verify the news of a twin shooting her dad for money, you are going through the most relevant post. Keep scrolling to know all available information about this incident.

The famous Twins are quite popular on TikTok for their viral dance videos. Besides TikTok, they have amassed a considerable number of fans on various other social media platforms. Lately, news has been flaunting on social media about the duo’s father. Though the news isn’t confirmed yet, most of the users claim that one of the twins has shot her father for money.

Let’s discover more about the incident.

Famous Twins Dad Gets Shot

Image Of Famous Twins Dad Gets Shot

The famous Twins whose real names are Nem and Allie Monay have risen to fame by participating in viral dance trends on TikTok. They have a fan following of 966k followers on the video-sharing app.

The most popular video of the duo was made on music by Megan Thee Stallion and Travis Porter. This video has amassed 70K views so far. These twins have also released some hit songs, including Who Want It, First Day Out, Take Your Man, and more.

The TikTokers duo got the limelight in February also, when Alley Monay was jailed after being accused of domestic violence.  This news was confirmed after Swan Bently posted a message about her sister on 2nd February 2021. She wrote, “Tell our fans I am sorry for letting them down.”

Famous Twins Set Up Dad

Image Of Famous Twins Set Up Dad

Various social media pages have confirmed that the famous Twins’ dad got shot lately. Some YouTube channels have reported that the twins’ father died following the injuries of the gunshot.

As reported by the YouTube channel TeenzPlusIG, the twins’ father was shown in a live video struggling for his life while he was shot by one of the twin’s boyfriends. The whole incident happened following a dispute between the twins over a sum of money.

As confirmed by the YouTube channel TeenzPlusIG, one of the twins got half a million dollars. She didn’t want to share this money with her sister so they got into an argument.

Their dad was on side of the twin who had money, this pissed off the other twin hence she gave the gun to her boyfriend and asked him to shoot their dad. Her boyfriend shot him and he died of the injuries followed by this gunshot.

The news was confirmed after the twin having money wrote in her story, “My daddy died trying to save me because I would have been dead”.

Famous Twins Rappers Dad

Though most of the fans weren’t ready to believe this news until the twin shared a gofundme campaign page to aid her father’s burial from her official Instagram handle. The caption for the donation call reads, “I am raising money for the passing of my Father.

Please we need help in any shape or form. Any donation or blessing would be greatly appreciated as we try to go through the hardest part of our life”.

Allie Jones has organized this fundraiser where she has called for the help of $20000.  34 donors have donated so far and a sum of $2774 is being raised already.

Although, it isn’t confirmed if Allie’s boyfriend has killed the twins’ dad or not but most of the news sources are stick to this news. Let’s wait until we get any confirmed news from the law enforcement agencies about the arrest of the culprit.

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Bottom Line

Currently, the famous TikTok duo is facing the most difficult times of their lives. If you want to help them in any way, visit their Instagram handle and help them to manage the burial of their father by clicking on the gofundme link provided in the bio.

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