Earncashto Scam — Scam Or A Legitimate Deal? June 2021

A new website is making rounds on the internet lately. Some users have claimed to have earned money with this newly established website Earncashto but many others report it to be a scam. If you are eager to know its legitimacy, you must go through this article to know all the facts associated with this website.

With increasing technological advancements and improved internet quality around the globe, people are getting more into online ways of earning. There are thousands of online platforms that claim to help you earn online but it is quite difficult for the users to identify the legitimate ones.

A similar website named Earncashto has become the new talk of the town and users are curious to know about its legitimacy. If you are among these users, here is an unbiased review of the website Earncashto. Keep reading!

What Is Earncashto

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Earncashto is a newly established website that claims to help you earn by completing some simple tasks. This new online website has become popular around the globe in a short time span. Currently, it is the most utilized watchwords in Australia, the United States and around the globe.

The website claims to give cash to the internet users who participate in completing some reviews effectively. Users who can complete these easy tasks can bring in cash right away.

Now, you must be wondering to know about the tasks that one is required to complete in order to earn money. These tasks include, posting online, testing new applications, sharing referral links and codes with your circle and giving reviews about certain applications and sites.

While searching for valid reviews we encountered some comments made by the users who already participated in these reviews. According to them, this online platform is legitimate and they have earned cash after completing the tasks.

However, we are not sure if the reviews were genuine or not, because the trend of making fake reviews has also become quite common these days.

Is Earncashto A Scam

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While snooping for the details related to the site, we encountered various reviews made by the users that claimed that they have earned money from Earncashto. They further justified that the website has paid them after completing various tasks and it is a legitimate platform.

Furthermore, the people also claimed that the tasks were simple and it was quite easy for them to earn money. Yet again, it isn’t safe to rely on the reviews solely.

Here are some points that made us suspicious about the legitimacy of this site.

1. Newly Established Domain

The website domain is registered few days ago so, it isn’t a wise deal to rely on a newbie. Momentarily, we would suggest all the readers to wait until the website becomes few months old.

2. Trust Score

The website has earned a trust score of 1.5 %, which is quite low. In this case, users must not utilize their time and energy on it.

Is Earningcash Legit

3. Website Design

The website of this popular company is designed poorly and it doesn’t contain elements in the metadata that could help its online presence. Hence, it loses its credibility.

4. User Reviews

As described earlier this website is newly registered but it has already amassed dozens of reviews. According to the experts, it is quite difficult for a newly established business to start the business, promote its services, get clients to acquire them, use them, and then submit reviews in such a short time span. So, this also picks up a red flag.

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Final Verdict

After addressing all the negative and positive points about the website, we have come to the conclusion that currently, the website isn’t in a trustworthy position. So the users must consider Earncashto as a scam.

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