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The Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid is a Chinese novel that revolves around Zeke Williams and Lacey his love. His mother-in-law to be, never wanted him to be her son-in-law but he somehow manages to impress his mother-in-law and lacy. Lacy also didn’t respect him much but Zeke impresses them all with his skills on a fine day. Here is what happens when he finds lacey and Hannah (mother in law) in trouble.

Hannah and Lacey run a steel mill and they are on edge of bankruptcy as they owe millions to many people including Emily. Emily is a contractor and she collaborates with them but this time she reaches their factory with ten goons to recover her money.

Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid Novel

As Zeke reaches the mill, he witnesses terrifying scenes, Lacey and Hannah hiding in a corner to save themselves from the goons. The ten gangsters have messed up in the factory, and he finds almost all the workers knocked on the ground.

He also notices a palm print on his mother-in-law’s face. Zeke’s eyes turned red with anger and he started walking towards the bulky men. Hannah didn’t like him much; as soon as he arrived the factory she started yelling on him and asked him to leave.

Ignoring her, he moves towards the gangsters to give them a lesson. Lacey hurried to stop him because in her life she never saw him fighting. She yelled “stop, you can’t fight them”. Emily added “ This is only way to pay off your debt, since you cannot afford to repay my company, I can only demolish your factory”. Right after uttering these words, Emily asks the goons to get rid of Zeke.

Before handling the gangsters, Zeke turns to Lacey and says, “If anyone bullies you, I will kill their entire family and that’s a promise, not an oath”.  As soon as he conveyed his message to Lacey, he moves hastily towards the bulky men and soon all of them were knocked on the ground.

Great Marshal Marrying The Bridesmaid Read Online

Lacey was squeezing her eyes because she just witnessed something that she never even thought of. Hannah was also dazzled with the scene that she just witnessed. Lacey finally came to know why he never retaliated when she mistreated him in past. The female lead character understood that he really loved her and this was the only reason he held back for the last five years.

Zeke’s mother in law was also astonished to witness the scenario, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Not even her blood relations stood up for her the way Zeke did, she was ashamed for her behavior in past five years.

Seeing the bulky men knocked on the ground, Emily comes forward and utters the following words with a thumping heartbeat. “So what if you fight Zeke Williams? Can you fight against the law?” she warns them of taking legal action and Hannah once again fell into despair.

Ignoring the men, Zeke turns to Emily and he throws a bag containing five million advance payment. He now adds, I will pay back your money but I am afraid you will later beg us to provide you supplies. After listening to Zeke’s remarks Emily laughed out loud but she was not aware about his plan. His girl and her mother were unable to believe he arranged 5 million for them as he was just an ordinary salesman.

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Emily needs to complete an order and for that she required steel, but for her surprise nobody was willing to provide her the material as all the steel mills were acquired by some anonymous personality. It was a big trouble for Emily so she asks Lacey for collaboration but Zeke refuses her request.

Later, Emily came to know that the money didn’t belong to him. But she has to make an agreement with them as they are only possible suppliers for her. So, using his brains Zeke saves the family from bankruptcy and Emily. He further helped them to get a big contract that will help them earn a net profit of at least ten million.

The female lead character then asks all the employees to start working. While they just started working eagerly, Lacy witnessed some guys standing at the entrance of factory. Lacy’s face turned pale as she knew who they were.

They came to the factory for an inspection and the factory was all messed up. Will Zeke be able to help her overcome this situation as well? Is Zeke an ordinary man or someone on a mission? To get answers to all these question continue reading the novel online.

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