Is A Legit Website-Revealed [Feb 2022]

A new earning app has taken over the internet and users are curious to know its legitimacy. So, is a legit website? We have gathered all the information here in this article.

Who doesn’t want instant cash? Well, no one for sure! Everyone today is looking for ways to earn instant cash. Amidst this race for money, people are talking about a website that is helping people to earn money for some simple tasks like filling out survey forms.

Following its popularity, several people have relied on the site and they have revealed the website to be a legit one. However, the website is in its initial days so it might take a little longer to decide whether or not it is working. For now, the website is 100% working. Here is everything we found about this new site.

Is PaidCashTo A Scam?

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A new source of income is being introduced by internet users just recently. This website is named ‘’ and thousands of users have started earning with it. It has emerged as a popular platform after gaining the trust of thousands of users.

Initially, the website requires the users to register on its online website that can be accessed on ‘’. As soon as you get registered with the app, your account will be credited $25.

It also pays for referrals and the more people you are able to bring to this platform, the more are you going to earn. The main source of income on this platform is, to complete some easy tasks. The registered users have to take part in surveys to earn money.

Although the website is a newbie, thousands of people have claimed to earn from the site. The best part about this website is, you can start earning in just 15 minutes of registering with the app and money can also be withdrawn immediately.

The website claims to enable the users to withdraw their money instantly and there are multiple ways to withdraw money. You can withdraw your earned income through, PayPal, Western Union, Venmo, MoneyGram, and some other credible channels.

PaidCashTo Reviews

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The website has received quite a good score on the TrustPilot. Over 11000 people have reviewed the site and it has got 4.5 stars on the platform.

The website also has an active social media presence and thousands of people follow it. It also has a YouTube channel where it has amassed over 2.18K subscribers. The YouTube channel contains a single video that was posted on 12th February. The comments for this video are being disabled with makes the deal a bit doubtful.

Besides that, it takes quite a long for the registration process and as soon as you provide your credentials, you will see a coding window popping up on the screen. And the registration process gets stuck there.

Another alien thing I realized after trying to get registered with the app was, my system warned me saying my location was being tracked. I found it weird.

However, most of the PaidCashTo Reviews we have found on the internet, declare the website to be a safe one. The users also claimed that it just took less than an hour for them to earn money.

Users can also earn by sharing content about this site on their social media handles.  So, the point is, the more users you are attracting to the site, the more are you going to earn.

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Final Verdict

Although the available evidence is in favor of, I won’t rely on any site that gives you instant money and that for very simple tasks. The offers seem enticing so I would never compromise on my credentials for something like this. Rest, it’s your turn to decide whether or not is a legit website.

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