Is Hihstore Scam? An Unbiased Review [June 2022]

The latest apparel shop going viral on the internet is Hihstore, and online buyers are wondering to know if it is a scam or not. If you are eyeing products on this website, here we have gathered all the details about ‘Hihstore’. Keep reading and find the legitimacy of this site.

As online sites are joining the internet world at a rapid speed, the number of fake websites has also increased over time. Considering this sudden hype in the number of fake websites on the internet, it has become quite difficult for users to identify legit and fake websites.

However, well-informed shoppers check for the legitimacy of websites before they invest their time and resources in the products displayed on these websites. Unfortunately, there still are thousands of shoppers who fall prey to these bogus sites.

Currently, a web store named Hihstore is making rounds on the internet and users are wondering to know if it is a scam site or a legit one. To help all such users here we have come up with an unbiased review for the Hihstore. Stay tuned!

Hihstore Legit Or Scam?

Before getting into the depth of whether or not this site is a scam, let’s check what the website offers to its shoppers.

Image Of Hihstore Legit Or Scam.

Well, Hihstore is a trendy online store that deals in a variety of products. From chic shoes to T-shirts and other branded accessories, the website has a lot to offer to its buyers.

Shoppers from the US, Canada, and the UK are especially getting attracted to this site. One of the major reasons why users are getting attracted to this site is its best discount deals. Branded items at lower prices have attracted the users and they also have made a few buyers suspicious about the website’s legitimacy.

To assess whether or not this website is a legit one, we have checked the website on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Social Media Presence
  • Payment Methods
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews

Let’s discuss all these factors in detail to figure out whether or not Hihstore is a scam.

Hihstore Reviews

Image Of Hihstore Reviews

1. Domain Age

The domain age of Hihstore is just a few days old. Considering the domain age, we can conclude that the website is a newbie and it is not credible for now. It is registered on 13th June 2022.

2. Social media presence

Another negative point that we found about this site is, it is not available on any of the social media platforms. The absence of social media pages again hinders the transparency of this site.

3. Payment Methods

The website has not provided any details about the payment method which is again a negative sign.

4. Trust Score

One of the essential factors that determine the legitimacy of the website is its trust score. The website’s trust score is just 1% and it shows that Hihstore is not a reliable site.

5. Customer Reviews

We could not find any customer reviews for the Hihstore website. Niether on its website, nor on the internet are its customer reviews available. It is again a red flag and the site seems to be a bogus one.

Besides all the above factors, the discounts mentioned on the website seem to lure the buyers. Also, the website doesn’t provide any address or contact detail on the site.

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Final Verdict

Based on all the factors that we have assessed above, Hihstore does not seem to be a credible site. Hihstore is a potential scam so online buyers must not count on it for shopping.

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