Is Johanhouse Scam? An Unbiased Review [June 2022]

Johanhouse is a viral online store that deals in a variety of products, however, users are perceiving it as a potential scam. If you are among these users looking for the legitimacy of Johanhouse, we have got your back. Here is everything you need to know about what Johanhouse deals in and whether or not it is a legit website.

With the increasing number of online stores, online buyers are finding it difficult to differentiate between legit and scam websites. However, a small number of users are also becoming knowledgeable about identifying fake websites using the internet.

There are several ways online buyers can spot bogus websites. By simply doing prior research about any platform; you can save your time and resources. But unfortunately, most people do not bother checking the legitimacy of websites before making any deals with them.

To play our role, we always try to unveil the scam online websites to help our readers make worthy deals online.

Currently, a web-based store known for its vast variety of products is flaunting across the internet and users are willing to know whether or not it is a scam. So, we have come up with an unbiased review for Johanhouse. Stay tuned!

Is Johanhouse A Legit Website?

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Before unveiling the true face of Johanhouse, let’s find out what Johanhouse is famous for.

Well, Johanhouse is a viral web store known for its variety of products. From selling electronic gadgets to home décor items, furniture, and musical instrument, the website has a huge variety of products displayed on its portal.

The website further reveals that they are selling quality products but buyers are reluctant to rely on them. One of the major reasons why online buyers are reluctant to rely on this site is, it lacks customer reviews.

To find out whether or not Johanhouse is a scam site, we have assessed the website on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence

Let’s discuss all the above factors in detail to assess the legitimacy of this online site.

Johanhouse Scam

Image Of Johanhouse Scam

1. Domain Age

For users, it is essential to know the domain age of websites because a newbie is often risky to rely on. The domain age of Johanhouse website is registered on 5th December 2021. It means the website is just a few months old. Based on the fact that Johanhouse has just joined the online market, for now, it would be a risky deal.

2. Contact Details

The website has provided a contact number and it also bears an email address. According to the address provided on the website, it is based in the USA.

3. Trust Score

Although it has been quite a few months since the website has joined the online world, the website has failed to amass a good trust score. It has just scored 1% in the trust index which is a negative point.

4. Customer Reviews

We couldn’t spot any customer reviews for the Johanhouse website. It is a red flag!

5. Social Media Presence

It is again quite a negative point that Johanhouse is not present on any of the social media handles. It has not even provided social media icons on its website. In this charming world of social media, it is quite strange for a website to lack a social handle.

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Final Verdict

Considering all the available information we have found, Johanhouse seems to be a risky deal for now. So, we would request the users to beware!

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