Is Hyperloop Scam – Unbiased Review August 2022

An online site ‘Hyperloop’ is going viral online for selling a chic collection of men’s apparel, but buyers want to inquire if it is a scam or a legit portal. Keep reading to get an idea about whether or not Hyperloop is a scam.

With the increased number of online eCommerce stores, the count of bogus sites is also climbing. With this sudden increase in the number of fake websites, it has become quite difficult for online shoppers to legitimate deals. Thus, millions of customers are reluctant to buy products online.

Considering this scenario, it has now become crucial for shoppers to read customer reviews and check for the trust score of products before ordering products online.

There are several informed customers who check the legitimacy of websites before they invest their time and resources in them. However, such shoppers are very rare thus we have to educate millions of online shoppers about the importance of legitimacy checks.

Today’s article aims at providing you with all the details about the trendy website, ‘Hyperloop’, and whether or not it is a scam. Keep reading to get all your answers about ‘Hyperloop’.

Is Hyperloop Scam Or A Legit Website?

Image Of Is Hyperloop Scam Or A Legit Website

Before getting into the depth of whether or not this website is a scam, let’s first assess what the site actually deals in.

According to the available details, Hyperloop is a viral apparel store that mainly deals in men’s apparel. On their official website, you will be able to spot men’s tees, shirts and caps. You can also find backpacks, sweatshirts, and notebooks on this site.

This website is has a professional interface and it is managed well. The product prices are also quite reasonable and they start from $25 and the highest product range is $120.

The website contains only 6 products that are available on its home page. It has provided two more pages for the privacy notice and the terms and conditions.

To assess whether or not this website is a legit place to shop, we have scrutinized it on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Social Media Presence
  • Payment Methods
  • Trust Score        
  • Customer Reviews

Let’s look into the detail

Hyperloop Scam Customer Reviews

Image Of Hyperloop Scam Customer Reviews

1. Domain age

The domain of Hyperloop was registered on 28th April 2017.  Thus it is currently more than 5 years old. Based on its age, it seems a legit site.

2. Social media presence

The website is available on all major social media platforms which aid the legitimacy of the site. We were able to find the social handles of this site on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

3. Payment Methods

The website has not detailed its payment methods. We were unable to find information about what payment methods it accept.

4. Trust Score

This website has amassed a trust score of 80%, which is a good score. This further aids the legitimacy of the site.

5. Customer Reviews

We were unable to spot customer reviews for this site which is concerning. The site also has not provided space for the buyers to write reviews which are concerning.

Besides the above, the website has not mentioned any contact number on their website. The only contact channel is the email address that they have provided on their site. The website also has not mentioned its physical address.

Furthermore, the website has mentioned all the policies on the site, which is a positive point.

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Final Verdict

After considering all the available information we have come to the conclusion that Hyperloop seems a legit site. However, buyers must look into some legit reviews to make a decision.

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