Is Zamzone Scam? Unbiased Website Review [Oct 2022]

Zamzone is the current viral website to get the attention of all online buyers, however, they are looking to know if it’s a scam or a legit portal. If you are among these buyers eyeing getting some colorful ethnic dresses from this site, we would suggest you read this review first. At the end of this unbiased review, you will be able to decide whether Zamzone is a legit website or a scam.

Scam business portals are joining the internet with each passing day. From looting users by luring them for cheap deals to imitating big brands, scammers have created a strong presence online.

Crooks are monitoring all the latest online trends and they are coming up with fake websites adorned with all the trendy stuff. Further, they keep the prices low so that people fall into their traps really easily.

Another reason why people fall for online scams is not giving attention to prior research and the small signs of scam websites. People don’t bother checking customer reviews and they also don’t look at the ratings of the websites. Not following these essential practices, online buyers land themselves in trouble.

If you are an online shopping enthusiast, you must never ignore the fact that the internet is full of scam websites, and never settle for any online product without checking the legitimacy of the site. There are several ways to check the legitimacy of online websites. Looking for customer reviews or checking the trust score detectors is the best way to assess the legitimacy of an online site.

Is Zamzone Scam Or Legit?

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Before making any comment about whether or not Zamzone is a scam, let’s first look at what the website offers to its customers.

As explained earlier, Zamzone deals in a variety of products. The major products that it offers include, Ethnic Indian dresses and sarees.

The website has also a collection of some other products including household items and smartwatches. Though gadgets and apparel is not a good combination, the website still sells them together.

The website has a wide collection of tailored dresses. As per the products, the website seems to be a good option for people who love wearing traditional Indian ethnic dresses.

The products look and their prices too seem reasonable, but is Zamzone a legit site or a scam? To assess the website’s legitimacy, we have assessed the site on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Social Media Presence
  • Payment Methods
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score        
  • Customer Reviews

Let’s assess all these factors in detail.

Zamzone Customer Reviews

Image Of Zamzone Customer Reviews

1. Domain age

The domain registration date of Zamzone is 14th April 2022.  It means that the website is not even a year old. Considering this small age, we cannot declare this website to be legit.

2. Social media presence

In today’s advanced world of social media, it is essential for businesses to have a strong presence on all social media pages. Following their social media presence, businesses can garner new customers. However, Zamzone is not present on any of the social media platforms. This is again a negative point.

3. Payment Methods

The website has detailed several payment methods. All the major payment methods are listed on the site which is again a positive point.

4. Contact Details

The website has provided a phone number and they also have mentioned their email address on the site. However, it has not disclosed its physical address which is again a negative point.

5. Trust Score

This website has amassed a trust score of 50%, which is an average score. This further again doesn’t justify the website being legit.

6. Customer Reviews

We were unable to spot any customer review on the website. However, some of the products on this site are being given good ratings by the customers. The website also has received a 3.82 business rank which is a positive point.

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Final Verdict

After considering all the available information we have come to the conclusion that Zamzone doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy website as of now. However, buyers must look into some legit reviews before making a decision.

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