Why Are Facebook Posts And Comments Not Loading? Explained

Annoyed Facebook users have taken to Twitter to inquire why are their Facebook comments and posts not loading. The meta-owned social media platform is misbehaving and users think the servers are down once again. What is the actual matter? Let’s figure out why are Facebook posts and comments not loading for the users.

Meta owns some of the major social media apps including the most popular messaging app WhatsApp. All these applications have started creating trouble for the users recently and the users are not really happy about it.

Just in the past week, the WhatsApp servers went down and the users were unable to send and receive messages. Even after the app started working, the users were receiving alien notifications.

When we talk about glitches, Instagram leads the list from the front. Though this app was very famous among users earlier, it now doesn’t meet the expectations of the users. Instagram users keep encountering glitches and thus the user experience of the app has declined to its lowest.

Another meta-owned social platform is Facebook, and that too has started creating trouble for users. Just today, users have poured Twitter with complaints revealing that their posts and comments are not showing up. Though Facebook has not rolled a fix to this issue yet, we have gathered some potential fixes for it below.

Facebook Comments Not Loading Error

Image Of Facebook Comments Not Loading Error

Users on Twitter are revealing that Facebook and Instagram both are not working as usual. The former only-photo-sharing app is showing glitches while Facebook is totally down for a few users.

A spokesperson from Meta has addressed the issue and revealed that they have fixed the errors prevailing on both platforms. The spokesperson added that the issues made to Instagram and Facebook due to a “configuration change”, however, they are being fixed now.

Despite the claims that Facebook has fixed the issues, users are still encountering errors and they are not happy about it at all. Some users are claiming that they are unable to access the app for more than 12 hours now, while others have to say that the comment section and the posts are not loading for them at all.

The majority of the users who have encountered this issue are residing outside the US and some reside on the West Coast.

Usually, Twitter is the platform where people run to confirm the outages and similar has happened in the case of Facebook.

Talking about how people rush to Twitter to confirm the outages, one person wrote on Twitter: “Everyone running to the bird app from Facebook, Instagram and messenger to ask Twitter if they’re all down”.

Is Facebook Down Right Now?

Image Of Is Facebook Down Right Now

The annoyed Facebook users who are unable to surf their favorite social media platform peacefully have complained about the errors on the Bird app. Even after Meta’s disclosure about the issue being fixed, users are still reporting several errors and glitches.

Here is how the users have responded to these errors:

One user wrote, “The whole of Meta has been bad lately… WhatsApp outage, slow loading Facebook and Insta, etc”.

Another inquired, “Anyone else having issues with Facebook comments & posts not loading?”

“Ugh, why are Facebook and Instagram not working for me? I just wanted to doom scroll before bed”, complained one.

“Is Facebook down or is it just mine”, asked another user.

If you are among the users who are encountering these glitches, try the below potential fixes to get rid of the issue:

1. Update your Facebook app to its latest version

Most social media platforms send glitches when the app is not updated to its latest version. So, make sure to update all your social media apps to avoid such errors.

2. Clear the app cache regularly

As the redundant files pile up on apps, they start sending errors. So, make sure to clear the app cache regularly.

3. Uninstall and reinstall your Facebook app

You can get rid of this error by uninstalling and then reinstalling the Facebook app. Logging out and logging back into the handle may also help get rid of the issue.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about why the Facebook comments and posts are not loading error is and why the errors are not getting fixed. We just hope that Meta will fix the error soon.

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