Mana Target Scam — Is It A Legit Site? [June 2021]

A new web store named Mana Target is selling household appliances at the cheapest prices but customers consider it a total scam. Let’s find out whether Mana Target is a legit web store or not.

Online scams are emerging at a higher pace as people prefer online shopping over the traditional ways. Considering this, fraudulent people are out with their full power and more customers are getting trapped into online scams. The recent scam that has been flaunting on the internet is Mana Target Scam. According to the customers, they have received counterfeit goods or nothing at all from this store.

Here are all the details and customer reviews about the online website “Mana Target”. Keep reading!

What Is Mana Target Scam

Mana Target, active on the internet as is a web store that sells electronics and home appliances at the cheapest prices. The items available on this website include, Bluetooth, wireless speakers, GPS and Car electronics, video games, coffee makers, tablets and computers, office and furniture, collectibles and games, home theaters and TV, headphones, film cameras, ice cream makers and many.

The prices offered by the site, are half of the prices offered by all other legit companies and websites. Some users have ordered things considering it the best deal while many others have become suspicious about its legitimacy. Their suspicion is valid because we have found no customer reviews on the website and some customers have claimed that they have got counterfeit items instead of what they ordered.

Is Mana Target A Scam

Image Of Is Mana Target A Scam

After probing about the website on various platforms we have found that the Mana Target website is a scam. Below are all the suspicious things that prove this website as a scam.

1. No Customer reviews found

We were unable to spot any customer reviews on the website which isn’t a positive thing.

2. The domain is newly registered

The website’s domain is registered on 29th of April 2021 which proves that the website is a newbie. Hence one should not rely on it.

3. No Social Media Presence

This newly established web-store isn’t available on any of the social media platforms. So, it isn’t popular among people.

4. Low Trust score on Scam Adviser

The website has also got a low Trust score on Scam Adviser which isn’t a positive point.

5. It delivered counterfeit products to various customers

Some customers have reported that the web-store has delivered counterfeit products against their order. This proves the website to be a scam.

6. The store doesn’t exist physically

Some customers have reported that the web-store has no physical presence. This is a suspicious thing.

7. Sells products at less than half of the actual price

Almost all products displayed on the website are cheaper than any other company/website. Some prices are stated as half of the actual price of these products.

Mana Target Scam 2021

Image Of Mana Target Scam 2021

Considering the above mentioned points, we would suggest you not to rely on it. Below, we have provided some customer reviews for your further guidance.

1. “I wanted to purchase a Haier refrigerator they had listed for $600, when all the big brand name appliance stores are selling it for $1400. I thought it was too good to be true so I called the number they listed and all you get is a busy tone. This is when the red flags went up and I started researching reviews for them. Total scam.”

2. “I bought a civil Rights Hoody its a pull over. I wanted a zip up. How do I exchange it?”

3. I screwed up. IMMEDIATELY had a bad feeling about it and decided to do some research. Gonna contact my bank and cancel my card.

No red flags from Google or any of my apps that typically warn me.

4. I placed a order on May 25th I haven’t received any emails texts, nothing. The phone number is always busy.

5. Yes, online shoppers beware. This is a fake website. Do not do any shopping there and immediately report it to the authorities to have it shut down.

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Final Verdict

After reading all the customer reviews and related information we have come to the conclusion that this website is a total scam. If you have already ordered any product from this web-store, immediately contact your bank or financial institution to cancel your transaction.

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