Shapeshifter TikTok Is Making Rounds On The App

Shapeshifter filters have become quite common on TikTok. In the last few months, we have witnessed several shape-shifting filters to join the platform. Here is about a similar filter that is making rounds on the video-sharing app.

Filters have given us a whole new definition of beauty. If you want to look awesome in your social media posts, you don’t have to wear a lot of makeup and jewelry, simply open any of your social media apps, and you will get thousands of filters to doll up. Also don’t worry about your costume, instead, sprinkle some effects on your videos and snaps; you will be ready to get to the FYP.

Like every other social media platform, TikTok also isn’t behind when it comes to the variety of filters. There are hundreds and thousands of filters to choose from. The best thing about this video-sharing platform is that it has a collection of several types of filters. Some filters may simply alter your appearance; some may add visual effects to your videos while others are even interactive. These interactive filters mostly include shape-shifting filters.

As these filters play a vital role in attracting new followers and increasing post engagements, users never miss a chance to try out newly rolled filters in the first place. The recent filter to go viral on the video-sharing app is Shapeshifter TikTok, here is all you must know about it.

What Is Shapeshifter Filter On TikTok

Image Of What Is Shapeshifter Filter On TikTok

The shapeshifter filter is a trendy filter on the Chinese video-sharing app that tells which character you resemble the most. Users have to upload various pictures having different characters and the filter reveals which character resembles you the most. Some users have tried out the filter on some celebrity pictures while many others have tried out to find their resemblance with different Disney characters.

To get the best results, select a picture having multiple characters on it. As you apply the filter, it judges your face features and zooms in the pictures that resemble you. For best results, use the selfie camera.

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How To Use The Filter

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If you are looking to lay your hands over this filter, here’s how you can do it.

  • To get the Shapeshifter filter from TikTok, firstly launch your TikTok account and tap on the red button located in the middle of your screen, to create a new video.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Effects” tab that is located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  • Once you enter the effects tab, go to the tab that reads “trending”. You will witness this tab in the effects selection screen.
  • As you get into the effects tab, scroll through the filters until you get a filter with a logo of two cartoon faces and a landscape picture inside of the first face.
  • As you spot the filter, tap on it and upload a picture. Make sure that the picture you are uploading has multiple characters on it.
  • Lastly, tap on the red button to start recording and wait for the magic. Here, the important point is, users must always use the selfie cam because applying the filter while using the rear camera may not give required results.
  • Finally, you will witness the filter, zooming in your face onto the character that resembles you the most.
  • You can now roll your video using the hashtag #shapeshifter to get thousands of hearts and views.


To come up with some amazing content, try out the filter several times on different pictures to figure out your best match. Follow us to know more about trending filters from TikTok.

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