Pecthep Reviews — Unbiased Review [July 2022]

The online shopping enthusiasts have come across a new website titled ‘Pecthep’ before making a purchase they are looking for its reviews. If you are among such online users eyeing a lawnmower, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the Pecthep website that deals in a single line product ‘lawnmower’.

Hundreds and thousands of new websites are joining the internet to reach a maximum number of customers. People also are shifting to online shopping platforms quitting the conventional markets to get quality products delivered at their doorsteps. However, thousands of users also get scammed by scam internet websites.

To avoid scams, it has become essential for users to check the legitimacy of websites before making a purchase. But, only the wise shoppers take out time to run research to find the legitimacy of online stores before making a purchase. If you are reading this article before purchasing anything from Pecthep, you are a wise shopper. We need more people like you to get rid of scam websites.

To help you find reviews and other essential information about ‘Pecthep’ we have crafted this article. Keep reading to find out whether or not this site is a scam.

Is Pecthep Scam?

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Before hopping into the legitimacy check of the Pecthep website, let’s figure out what the website is all about and what sort of products it deals in.

Well, Pecthep is an online store that has displayed a single product on its site. It only deals in lawnmowers and that is also at the cheapest prices. Based on its product lineage we have assessed that it is a single-lined shop.

On the Pecthep website, you can find a variety of lawnmowers. Compared to other websites, this online store offers lawnmowers at the most affordable prices. If you are interested in buying a lawnmower, read the below ‘Pecthep reviews’ before making a purchase.

We have assessed the website on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence

We will now discuss all of the above factors to find whether or not Pecthep is a scam.

Pecthep Customer Reviews

Image Of Pecthep Customer Reviews

Let’s start with the domain age of Pecthep.

1. Domain Age

If you do not know the technique to check the legitimacy of online stores, take notes. The first factor that can help you assess the legitimacy of the site is ‘The domain age’. In the case of Pecthep, the domain for the site was registered on August 16th, 2022. Based on its age, it is not even a year old, thus it would be hard to declare it a legit site.

2. Contact Details

The Pecthep website has not provided any contact details on their official website. Only an email address is provided in the terms and service section. The company address is also nowhere to be found. It is a negative factor so it must not be relied on.

3. Trust Score

The Pecthep website has got just 8% which is a poor score. It is not a wise deal to rely on sites that hold a low trust score.

4. Customer Reviews

Even after serving for more than 10 months, the Pecthep website has failed to get any reviews from its customers. We could not find any customer reviews on the Pecthep website and also on the internet.

5. Social Media Presence

Pecthep is not available on any of the social media platforms which again aids the suspiciousness of the site.

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The Final Verdict

Based on the information we have provided above, Pecthep seems to be a bogus site. So, shoppers must not rely on it.

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