Robinsons 40th Anniversary Scam Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Robinsons 40th Anniversary Scam is flaunting on social media and thousands of users are being trapped by these crooks. If you have received any message claiming to give you free gifts in response to the 40th Anniversary of Robinsons, here is how to deal with it.

Users on social media and social messaging platforms are becoming more vulnerable to scammers as the numbers of scams are rising day by day. The most common tactics used by these scammers are messages and emails that lure users for free gifts against answering some simple survey questions. In past also, similar scams like, Amazon 26th Anniversary, Adidas 100th Anniversary, Toyota 80th Anniversary and Rolex 100th Anniversary scams have looted users.

These scammers have also obtained the personal information of thousands of users and they have used this information for identity thefts. The current viral, Robinsons 40th Anniversary Scam is not different from the scams mentioned earlier. Here is more you must know about this scam.

What Is Robinsons 40th Anniversary Scam

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Scammers are impersonating Robinsons (A well-known supermarket chain, present in various countries) to get the sensitive data of internet users. Social media users especially are vulnerable to this scam as the Robinsons 40th Anniversary Scam is flaunting on various social media platforms.

The message that is currently being flaunting on social media asks the users to participate in a simple survey in order to avail free gift certificates. Along with the text message comes a link that contains various unwanted characters.

Upon clicking on the link, users have to answer some personal questions including their names and financial information. As the users complete the survey, the suspicious website informs the users that they have won a prize but it can be redeemed only if the user forwards the same fake message to 20 contacts or 5 groups. Even after forwarding the message to the said number of recipients, the users don’t get any gifts.

This scam has gone viral like wildfires on social media platforms. Hence the official website of Robinsons has warned the users about the potential risks. The official notification from Robinsons reads:

“We care about your safety! Be wary of the phishing attempts!

It has come to our attention that there are malicious links posing as our brand with the promise of awarding gift certificates. Please do not click or share those links. Robinsons Supermarket is not celebrating its 40th anniversary or endorsing any surveys outside of their official website located at:”

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How To Report Robinsons 40th Anniversary Scam

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As it has now become clear that Robinsons isn’t celebrating any anniversary, users must not rely on the information received randomly. Instead, you must follow all the official pages to stay updated by any ongoing giveaway or promotional event.

To be on the safe side, users must know the common tactics followed by the fraudsters. If you have no idea about how spot scams, you must read the below information vigilantly.

  • Foremost, the scammers will try to lure for free gifts. They may also claim to give you free money, discount cards and other gift items.
  • Stay updated that, legitimate organizations never ask you to take part in surveys against free gifts. They will contact you via email if they are conducting any product/service related survey.
  • Crooks will ask you to click on the links to claim free gifts. The links shared by them will contain unwanted characters and spelling mistakes.
  • Hover over the link to know whether it makes sense or not. Sometimes the link may contain names of brands but there will be spelling errors.
  • Lastly, do not click on such links and never share your important credentials with suspicious websites.

Final Verdict

The viral Robinsons 40th Anniversary Scam has already trapped thousands of users online. If you have any additional information about this scam, comment below so that it will help the readers to be on the safe side.

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