Shell 130th Anniversary Scam — All Details Provided

Shell 130th Anniversary Scam is trapping people from all around the world; it has spread in all counties especially in the Philippines. If you have encountered any such message impersonating to be from the shell, here is how to deal with it.

This time, the British-Dutch gas company, Shell is on the hit list of scammers. It is a known fact that Shell is undoubtedly one of the largest gas companies with thousands of branches worldwide. Considering the goodwill of this company, scammers are using its name to trick innocent users online. According to experts, the basic purpose of scammers behind the Shell 130th Anniversary Scam is to access the information of people to use for identity thefts and other forms of scamming.

Unknowingly, internet users are forwarding the scam message to their contacts and this scam is spreading like a wildfire. Here is all you must know to be on the safe side.

What Is Shell 130th Anniversary Scam

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Shell 130th Anniversary Scam is a new addition to the list of anniversary scams. In past also, we have reported about similar scams that tricked internet users, impersonating them to be from trustworthy companies.

Like all the previous anniversary scams, the Shell 130th Anniversary Scam also is spreading via online platforms including social media platforms and social messaging apps. The message claims to give $1000 dollars in response to the 130th Anniversary of Shell Company. The message further asks the users to click on a link that directs them to a suspicious website totally different from the website of Shell.

Upon reaching the website, users are asked to provide some important information like users name, age, gender, and address. As they complete the survey, the website informs the users that they have won the prize that can only be claimed by forwarding the text message to a specified number of their contacts. Even after forwarding the message, users can not avail the prize money as the website claims to give the reward within 5-7 days. However, the users do not get any prize money later on.

As thousands of users have already participated in it, the scam message has spread massively. Considering the potential threats associated with this scam, PILIPINAS SHELL has warned the public. In their official notice, they said, “It has come to our attention that a survey link claiming to be part of Shell’s 130th anniversary is circulating online. It is a phishing scam meant to steal your personal data. Please be aware that this is not from Shell.”

How To Report Shell 130th Anniversary Scam

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Though the scam isn’t easy to control, users can follow the below instructions to be on the safe side.

Do not rely on the information received from anonymous sources.

Never believe in random text messages that claim to give you free gifts.

Before clicking on any anonymous link, hover over it and read the URL carefully. If it contains misspellings and unwanted characters, it is a scam.

Do not forward such messages as you may unknowingly risk the privacy of your loved ones.

Always follow the official channels of companies to know about any promotional or giveaway events.

Do not share your important credentials with anonymous sources.

If you have already shared your information with any such website, immediately change all your social media passwords. Also, consult your financial institutions if you have shared any data related to it.

Lastly, be a responsible citizen and inform your circle about potentials scams.

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After going through all the official channels of Shell Company, we have come to the conclusion that they aren’t running any anniversary events right now. So, users must not fall for this scam.

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