Rolex 100th Anniversary Scam — Explained [June 2021]

A new Scam message is flaunting on the internet that claims to give gifts in response to the 100th Anniversary of Rolex. If you haven’t encountered this scam, here is all you should be aware of.

It has become a ritual for scammers to use the goodwill of giant companies to trick people. Past scams like the Amazon 25th Anniversary scam and Toyota 80th Anniversary scams looted innocent people by luring them for gifts. This time again, fraudsters are using the same tactic to trick the internet users; the only difference is they are dragging Rolex into their evil deeds.

Let’s discuss all the suspicious points attached to the Rolex 100th Anniversary Scam. Stay Tuned!

What Is Rolex 100th Anniversary Scam

Image Of What Is Rolex 100th Anniversary Scam

Following the Toyota 80Th anniversary scam, fraudsters have come up with the Rolex 100th Anniversary Scam that is quite similar to the scam mentioned earlier. This time again, WhatsApp users are more vulnerable to this scam.

Users on WhatsApp and other messaging applications are sharing a message that reads, “Rolex 100th Anniversary Scam. Free gifts for everyone! You have a chance to get a Rolex watch”. As usual, the message comes with a link that leads to a suspicious website.

Upon clicking on the link, users are getting directed to the website “” which is a newly developed fake website. If you are vigilant enough, you will be able to declare it a scam by simply looking at the website URL. The official website of Rolex is and this website ( doesn’t resemble any of the official sites of Rolex.

Rolex 100th Anniversary Celebration

The problem with public is that they can easily be tricked by simply making some fake promises. If people make the habit of searching about such scams prior to relying in them, such scammers will not succeed in their evil goals.

Another important point that declares this message a fraud is, Rolex was founded in the year 1905 hence they have celebrated their 100th Anniversary in the year 2005. How is it possible for a company like Rolex to celebrate its 100th Anniversary quite late? Well, that’s a complete scam!

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Rolex Anniversary 2021

Image Of Rolex Anniversary 2021

Here we have provided some of the important facts that will help you understand this scam thoroughly.

1. Rolex is already in its 116th year

The very first suspicious point about this viral text message is that the company has celebrated its century 16 years ago. So, the giveaway of Rolex watches makes no sense.

2. No Official Announcement Made By Rolex

Rolex hasn’t made any announcement about such giveaway mentioned in the fake message nor has any other news organization reported about it.
3. Facebook has flagged the link already

Though the website attached to this scam is still accessible but Facebook has flagged the link for containing malicious content.

4. The website is a newbie

The website that hosts this fake giveaway is a new website. It is just 6 month old and it isn’t popular website at all.

5. No Mail Server

There is no mail server on the website which is not a positive sign.

6. Website isn’t protected by SSL

The initial factor for a website to rely on is its SSL certificate. If a website isn’t protected by SSL (https), it means the visitors are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks.

7. Conducts a useless survey

Upon reaching the website, users have to complete a survey that asks for information like your email address and personal information. Well reputed companies like Rolex, never ask your personal details.

Final Verdict

After investigating the scam thoroughly, we have come to the conclusion that the Rolex 100th Anniversary event is a scam. So, users should avoid indulging with such websites.

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