Difference Between Schools In Denmark Vs America Tiktok

A video went viral on TikTok and is trending these days. Video shared a difference by a teacher between schools in Denmark Vs America. Literally saying she stunned everyone by revealing or pointing out a great difference.

America is the wealthiest and developed country in the world. What happened there that she refused to come back? Why she could never return to the U.S? It is a great question to deal with.

In her TikTok videos that went viral, she is discussing the difference between the school system in America and Denmark. The teacher, who previously taught in the U.S. and now teaches second grade in Denmark got viral on TikTok.

Her video, which now has more than 1.7 million views, explains why her new job is “a million times better.”

Ilana’s videos are getting viral and people are praising and appreciating her very much who are seemingly packing their bags for Denmark.

Why Ilana left America and went to Denmark?

We all are aware of its education system which is remarkable and outstanding. Every single parent wants to send their children to those systems but what happened that she publicly pointed a huge difference? Lets put some spotlight on her points.

Ilana, which is her original name and belongs to America. She is an experienced teacher and sharing her experience in both countries. She moved to Denmark after experiencing a tough and hectic job in America.

Ilana was working between 55-60 hours as a teacher in the U.S. She said that her contract hours( weekly hours of work) in America were 45 hours in a week that is too long enough and a person can get ill by experiencing it. Meanwhile, she spent an extra 10-15 hours planning and prepping for classes.

In Denmark, she needs to work noticeably fewer hours then U.S. She says, now she works just 40-45 hours per week. Only 35 of those are her contract hours, and by comparison, she only needed 5-10 hours of extra planning work.

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Shared Difference By A Teacher Between Schools In Denmark Vs America

She publicly spoke out that she is a far better teacher now in Denmark then she was in the U.S a burnt out and a tired teacher. Ilana felt her self very groomed and changed.

Very interesting point I am going to share that she captioned her TikTok video as “I don’t think I could ever go back,”.

Another main difference she noted was that she has not spent money on school supplies since she get the job because they were from the behalf of the institution whereas in America we even need to pay for that too which was not affordable for low-income people to manage.

“It’s a huge difference!” she says. “And I’m a better teacher because I’m not so tired and burned out.” She wrecked a secret box after revealing the difference I must say.

In general, Ilana seems much happier living and working in Denmark than she was in the U.S. In her TikTok video, she explains that public schools in Denmark are funded by the city, not the district.

That means that no matter how wealthy the neighborhood, every student in a city gets the same amount of funding. But this is not the case in the U.S as poor people there will get the worse education because they just don’t get as much funding as students in wealthier neighborhoods.

In short people in Denmark are not Burned out with their hectic routines. They get enough time to freshen their selves up that is the plus point.

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