Starbucks 60th Anniversary Scam — Explained [July 2021]

The old tactic with a new name! Fraudsters are again active on social messaging applications with a new scam titled Starbucks 60th Anniversary. If you have received a message addressing Starbucks’ 60th Anniversary, here is how to deal with it.

Users of social messaging applications are getting more and more vulnerable to become scam victims. In past, scammers weren’t as active as they are now because they had very few platforms to commit evil scams. But now, it has become quite easy for them to trap internet users.

It has now become a ritual for scammers to use the goodwill of giant companies to lure people. In past scams like the Amazon 25th Anniversary scam and Toyota 80th Anniversary, scams have looted innocent people by luring them for gifts.

This time again, fraudsters are using the same tactic to trick the internet users; the only difference is they are dragging Starbucks into their evil deeds.

Let’s check what this scam is all about and how to save ourselves from it.

What Is Starbucks 60th Anniversary Scam

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WhatsApp users are encountering hundreds of fake messages that lure the receiver to click on a link in order to claim prizes for free. In past, users have reported plenty of scam messages that claimed to celebrate Rolex’s 100th Anniversary, Adidas’ 70th Anniversary, Amazon’s 30th and 26th Anniversary, and Toyota’s 80th anniversary.

A similar scam relating to all the above state scams is currently going viral on the internet. It is not the first time, Starbucks customers are receiving such fake messages.

In past also, customers have reported scam messages claiming to celebrate Starbucks’ 50th anniversary. This scam message revealed that “Starbucks is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving each person who takes an online survey a $50 coupon.”

The Starbucks 60th Anniversary Scam is tricking internet users via fake messages and emails. Messages and emails imitating to be from Starbucks are being received by thousands of users.

The message claims to give free gifts in response to the 60th Anniversary of the company. This fake message comes with a link and it asks the potential victim to click on it in order to claim your prize. Upon clicking on the link, users get directed to a suspicious website where they are asked to take part in a survey.

Experts have revealed that the scam message might be an attempt of identity theft so receivers must not rely on it. Starbucks has also warned its customers about fake emails and messages. So, you must not rely on any of the giveaway offers received from anonymous sources instead, follow the official handles of companies to stay updated about the promos and giveaways.

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How To Avoid Starbucks 60th Anniversary Scam

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Though the scam messages and emails have spread like wildfires, internet users must follow precautionary measures to avoid such scams. Here, we have jotted down all the precautionary measures that you must follow while dealing with anonymous giveaway offers.

  • Check the URL carefully before clicking on any link.
  • Hover over the URL to check if the name of the brand is spelled correctly. Most of the scam links contain misspellings and unwanted characters.
  • Companies do not spread messages related to their surveys on messaging apps, instead, they will send emails to all of their customers individually or simply post about it on their social media handles and websites.
  • Avoid clicking on the links that come with the forwarded messages icon on WhatsApp. These links may also contain malware that gets downloaded upon clicking on them. 
  • Before clicking on the link, make sure that it contains an HTTPS certificate instead of HTTP.
  • Visit the official pages of companies instead of relying on the information you receive over social media
  • Most importantly, do not forward such messages.
  • Inform concerned companies about the potential frauds so that other users will remain safe from such scams.


As the numbers of scams are increasing at a rapid speed, users must ignore the messages that claim to give free gifts and cash. Always follow official websites of companies to stay updated about their giveaways and promos.

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