The Alpha Prince And His Bride: Written by LaurG Read Online

The Alpha Prince And His Bride is a romantic, simply yet beautifully written novel by LaurG. It is the story of Alpha Prince Austin Lance Vinci and Princess Lucy Rosemary.

The Alpha Prince And His Bride

Austin was the first child of King Jeremy and he was also the Alpha of the Moon Pack. Whereas Princess Lucy belongs to the imperial family where everyone in the royal family abuses and abhor her.

Without being asked, she was tied up into marriage with Prince Austin. Though it was terrifying news for Prince Austin too because he had already found his mate, Araina.

Prince Austin made a commitment with his parents and took the decision to marry Princess for the people of his kingdom while Princess Lucy had no choice given by her parents to refuse this proposal.

Before her wedding ceremony, she saw her husband-To-be with his love, Ariana. She was so hurt and downhearted because she couldn’t tell her family to cancel her wedding. Without telling her family about Prince and Ariana’s relationship, she unconcernedly married him in a private wedding ceremony.

Fortunately, she found very loving in-laws. Everyone in her family was so adoring and soft-hearted except her husband. They made her feel homely and comfortable. King Jeremy and his Queen decided to host a welcome party in Lucy’s honor and to introduce her as Prince Austin’s wife.

Apart from the rude behavior of Prince with her, she heard the sounds of the growling of a wolf in the castle and sometimes outside while sitting in the garden. She inquired about it from Prince’s sister but she didn’t give her any answer and suddenly changed the topic.

With each passing day, their relation became worse and Prince Austin endeavor to stay at distance from her. He spent most of his time with Ariana. She noticed Austin making roaring sounds like a wolf but she was not sure what were these sounds and from where they came.

The Alpha Prince And His Bride: Second Storyline

Prince Austin was also a wolf named “Alpha”. He and his fellow wolves took care of their territory from enemies.

One day, when Princess was outside the castle, she heard a sound and she saw a wolf standing a few miles away from her. She was so shocked and terrified because the wolf was moving towards her to attack. At the moment, another black beautiful wolf jumped to rescue her.

Later on, two other wolves appeared from the woods and fought with the first one. Princess was extremely numbed and the black wolf sat by her side, she touched bravely and ran her fingers through the black fur of it.

After this incident, she went back to the castle. Prince Austin rushed into her room and inquired if she got any inquires. She was astonished by his reaction. With each passing day, she was falling for him but the behavior of Prince was very disenchanting towards her.

So, the novel is based on a princess who was deprived of love in her life, unfortunately, her husband was in love with another woman. She felt so jealous of her but she never expressed it in front of anyone. This novel really clarifies love, sentiment, and emotions.

Do you want to know more about this novel? Can she make her husband fall in love with her? There is a lot more to reveal.

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