Going to Brazil Meme and Coronavirus

Similar to some of the viral memes, Going to Brazil memes or you’re going to Brazil refers to series of GIF captions. What’s special about these GIFs? An individual is taken to Brazil against his/her will, while the person is vocally protesting against this action. Interesting!

Going to Brazil Meme – explained

These memes germinated on iFunny (a humor site and mobile app) during May 2020. The format then got further viral on Twitter and Reddit in June. The first GIF came out of the blue on iFunny on 6th May. The iFunny user ercs uploaded this.

The GIF basically shows a person (only his arms) falling into a pit. The caption of GIF is “NOOO I DON’T WANNA GO TO BRAZIL NOOO STOP AHHH,” The GIF unexpectedly gained over 2000 likes and some considerable comments.

The same user posted another GIF May 29th related to you’re going to Brazil meme. In this GIF, a robotic crane arm lifts a car. The GIF was reposted on instagram and received over a hundred thousand views.

Going to Brazil meme 2

Several other GIFs were shared with a person being dragged down to a whole with caption “Brazil dragging me down to their god awful country when I’m 1% Brazilian”. The other GIFs contains a sewer hole with the caption ‘How to go to Brazil’.

Why Brazil?

These Going to Brazil memes are insulting Brazil? Aso, why the subject is so unwilling to go to Brazil?  

These memes appear to be possible reaction to the viral phrase on social media ‘come to Brazil. Many celebrities, especially singers and bands have a pretty large or noticeable Brazilian fan base.

Under many of their social media posts, especially YouTube Instagram, and Twitter, there are always a few comments and posts saying ‘Come to Brazil!’.

For many reasons such as visas, the dangers of Brazilian cities and more, there aren’t many celebrities that perform or make appearances in Brazil. So under many comment sections, you will always find a few comments saying for these celebrities to go to Brazil but to no avail.

This phrase ‘come to Brazil’ appeared on the social networking sites in 2008. Twitter user @cecilab initiated this by inviting French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur to visit Brazil. Later, on various social media platforms including Tumblr mocked this expression.

So, is this meme referring to the possible dangers of crime rate poverty and visa issues related to Brazil? Well, may be yes. But how come such an old social media trend came to the scene again in 2020?

Is this related to Covid-19?

Yes, your guesses are correct. You may already be aware about the coronavirus situation in Brazil. So, in June, Brazil became the second country in the world to confirm more than one million cases of Covid-19 and death toll is at an alarmingly increasing pace.

Moreover, the pandemic has become a political issue following the President’s refusal to follow scientific advice and WHO guidelines. The situation is still not showing any signs of easing in August too. Thus the memes you’re going to Brazil is referring to this situation. The subject is due to this reason reluctant to go to Brazil.

Brazil takes pride in their memes

Do you know Brazil is ranked fourth in the highest number of highest users on internet? Brazil has also carved a large Portugese-speaking digital territory of their own. They mainly use this platform to speak on their own terms – which means, a lot of memes.

Brazil takes its memes so seriously that the country launched the 1st Meme World War against Portugal in 2016, after finding out that some Portuguese Internet users co-opted the satirical linguistic memes created by Brazil.

Brazilians don’t care if you don’t understand their language and their jokes, they will talk to you as if you were Brazilian”. Brazilian memes are extremely difficult to understand these memes illustrate how Brazilians deal with popular culture, politics and social reality.

There are lots of memes which are very difficult to understand. For instance, following is an apparently unfathomable meme.

Brazilian Math meme

In my view, going to Brazil memes can be a possible reaction to the above behavior of Brazilians but insulting a country cannot be justified under any circumstances.

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