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In The Man in Disguise, the man who he respected as the most loyal servant of the family has come to him again. The 50th birthday of the master is due soon. He wants his son back home. Will he get him back? He has not seen him for the last ten years. Will he see him now?

It is time to declare the son as the heir of the vast business empire. Will the son go back to his father and accept that? As the family servant pleads, the protagonist disregards his words completely. He still holds a strong grudge and does not want to go back to that home.

When you read online the full novel or the PDF. It will become clear to you why he is keeping the distance from his family.

The Man in Disguise

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The protagonist answered the family servant, “I will return home only if her (father’s mistress) head is severed and handed over to me.” This tall, strong, and handsome man with an intimidating man says these words looking at the servant without flinching. There is not a modicum of reconsideration in his words and attitude.

This all begins ten years ago in the novel story. They were one happy family. The father, the mother, and their son. One day the father brought his mistress home. From that day things started to go worse each day. The father chose his mistress over the wife of many years, who had left everything for him.

His wife was run over by a drunken man in his car. She struggled and lost her life. Thought the investigation blamed the driver that day, yet it was known by everyone that the mistress had a hand in all this.

The Man in Disguise Novel

The protagonist knew the mistress wanted to take control of the household and planned the whole saga. When he asked father about all this, in return, a slap and insults were received. He severed relations with his father and pledged to never go back to that home ever again. As long as that woman was in that house.

Disgruntled and disappointed to the core, he left the city. Moving to another city he studied on his own. Married a girl and had a child. After moving out of the house he never contacted his father again. He kept a low profile and remained detached in The Man in Disguise Read Online story of the novel.

While the current life he is living is not a satisfactory one. He hardly managed to find the expenses for studies. This has made him a mediocre man with not many skills. His in-laws think of him as an imposter in their house.

The Man in Disguise PDF

No one respects him, his wife a beautiful and talented woman is doing a managerial job and he is a security guard at the same company. This is the difference between the two people of this full story. She is still pursued by a suitor. Yet she is loyal to her husband.

Now their daughter of three years is ill. She is in hospital and the money for her treatment is flowing out of their hands like water. They already have lent money from friends and family. Still, the money needed is more than they can currently afford.

The in-laws think of him as a man good for nothing and treat him accordingly. The wife is gradually losing respect for her husband. None of them is aware of the true identity of this man. He is on purpose keeping a low profile and this is something they are not aware of.

The Man in Disguise Full

He can bear anything but the face of his father and his mistress. They have murdered his mother and deserve no respect. He is even willing to give up on his inheritance for that. As the saying goes, the more you try to avoid trouble, the more you find it.

His daughter’s condition is getting worse and worse each day as you will find when you read online the full novel. They need more money to keep the treatment going for her in the hospital. He will have to do something, otherwise, it would be too late.

This sudden requirement for money has left him in a quandary. On the one hand, the life of the daughter is slipping away from their hands. On the other hand, the wife is finding it hard to defend her husband. He is not capable of doing anything to save the little girl’s life.

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The Man in Disguise Read Online

There are ways for her to find money but that requires giving up on the man she has been married for the last three years. On one side is his ego and on the other side, it is access to riches unlimited. The insurance of the daughter’s life and all.

What will he sacrifice? The life of the daughter or the ego? What about the people around him? His immediate in-laws and all those who from day one are not happy with him and their relations with him.

Will the Man in Disguise come out? Will he show his true worth? What he has steered himself away from is gravitating towards him, as it appears. Will he grab the opportunity for the sake of his daughter?

To find this all out you will have to read online full novel or the PDF.

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