PewDiePie Ripped His Body and His Fans are in Awe

The Swedish YouTuber PewdDiePie is trending on social media for his latest post on Instagram. Fans on social media are pondering how PewDiePie ripped his body after he shared an incredible body transformation picture on social media.

If you are a fan of Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, then you would have noticed that the streamer and YouTube personality has undergone a major change that has left many people in awe. 

People who watch him on YouTube didn’t know he was working out. They are now impressed by his jaw-dropping body transformation.

PewDiePie Ripped Body Revealed

PewDiePie on 30 September posted a picture on Instagram to show off his unbelievable body transformation. He revealed the result of his proper workout posing shirtless in a room. The picture is liked by more than 4.1 million on Instagram.

Image of PewDiePie Ripped

On Instagram, the caption on his picture says, “Last day of no simp September boys.”

It seems from his biceps and abs that he has properly utilized the lockdown period on his body transformation. That now he looks dashing after changing his body.

PewDiePie Workout Plan Details

In May this year, his wife Marzia shared a picture on Instagram in which Felix showed off well-defined abs and biceps. Almost a week after that PewDiePie exposed his fitness plan on YouTube. In the plan, he had a five-day dumbbell workout routine for abs, biceps, and other areas.

According to his plan, every Monday, mainly he focuses on his chest and shoulders, while on Tuesday he focuses on legs by doing squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

Every Wednesday, he does pull exercises, Thursday is again legs day and on Friday he does push and pull exercises.

Image of PieDiePie Body Transformation

He also revealed that there are other variations for his workout but he mainly focuses on this routine because it suits him. He also recommends the fitness lovers to search for a five-day dumbbell workout where they can get something according to their fitness level.

Reactions of Fans on Social Media

After PewPieDie posted his new look picture on Instagram many of his fans are gone crazy. In the comments sections, many have appraised him for doing such hard work. Even some of his fans couldn’t believe and they say “that is Photoshop nice try”.

And many of his fans say this has given the motivation to start the workout.

Many fans on Twitter were also appraising him. One fan twitted “Can’t believe this is the same man who used to get scared playing video games and screamed at barrels.”

 One wrote, “I’m leaving Twitter to become ripped like PewDiePie.” “Who is this dude, and why is he PewDiePie” twitted by another fan.

How PewDiePie is Popular

PewDiePie is one of the most popular content creatures on YouTube. He has more than 107 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with 4.2k videos he has posted so far. He is famous for his commentary while playing video games. Now he turned into a meme reviewer, a satirist news anchor. And also he is a dad to nine-year-olds of the world.

He is also popular on Instagram; he has an account with the same username PewDiePie. On Insta account he mostly shares posts his usual life with his wife and friends. There he has more than 21 million followers.

Image of PewDiePie

And on Twitter he has almost 291 thousand followers despite there is written on his profile, “I don’t use Twitter, this account is just to prevent fake accounts.”

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Being this much popular and having millions of followers just a dream for many out there. But the hard work of Felix and paid off. His latest stunt of transforming body has grabbed more attention towards him from his fans.

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