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The story of The Next Duke, Who Said He Didn’t Want To Love You, Will Love You For Some Reason, revolves around a poor girl named Elsa and her husband the Duke of the Elite. At a very young age, Elsa gets married to Julius. Elsa, the lead female character of the story belongs to a very poor family, and they hardly get food to fulfill their hunger.

The female protagonist is  a 19 year old young girl who is known as the daughter of the Duke of Elsa Yukarinen. Though she has a title of daughter of the Duke family, but she belongs to a very poor family.

She lives in a poor, remote aristocrat territory, where they barely get chance to cultivate crops. The territory is not much fertile hence they cannot grow crops easily. Resultantly they don’t get enough grains to meet their requirement.

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Being the eldest child of family, Elsa is a responsible daughter. She helps her father in field work and accompanies her mother in dressmaking and other home chores. She also has a younger brother named as Hannes. The daughter of Duke, Elsa always feels sorry for her younger brother, as they are unable to provide him proper diet and education.

The story begins when the Duke of Loias applies for marriage. Elsa talks to her family immediately about the marriage. She knows that Julius is a handsome, sincere and kind man. After considering all this, she marries the Duke of Loias. Her wedding day was the best day of her life but soon her happiness goes into vain.

Julius makes a shocking declaration to her saying “I got married to you, but I have no intention of loving you.” It might be shocking for any other girl but Elsa thought that she will even accept the servitude to overcome her family’s hunger.

She was convinced by what Julius said, and now she knew that she is in a political marriage now. Poor Elsa accepted his words because she knew this was the only way to help her family.

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The female lead character was thankful and she has no resentments for Julius. From this point of story, a strange contracted marriage with unusual life begins. After getting married to Julius, she made a decent place in the hearts of maids who serve the Loias family.

Being a pure hearted girl she was loved by the maids. Most of the times she stayed with the maids, helping them to cook and do other tasks. She also starts growing vegetables and fruits in their garden.

Though it was a contracted marriage, Elsa still cares a lot for Julius. She always gets worried when Julius leaves vegetables in his diet. On one fine day, Julius takes Elsa to a tea party hosted by one of his childhood friend.

Julius’s childhood friend is a humble lady and she treated Elsa so well. Another young lady was also there in the party, she was not really happy with Elsa’s presence. This young girl insults Elsa but Elsa ignores her words, she was not even angry at her. Seeing Elsa’s humanity, Rebecca gets inspired.

She shared a lot of information about Julius with Elsa and also told Elsa about Julius’s birthday. Elsa starts planning for Julius’s birthday. Will she able to please her husband? Will Julius accept her as his wife? Would she be given all the love she deserves? To know answers to these questions and much more, tap on the read now button.

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