Christina Rivers — Here’s All You Need To Know About

After being charged against homicide for her son’s death in 2017, Christina Rivers was again seen with a child in one of her recent TikTok videos. Being informed about the previous case, TikTok users have started a campaign against Christina Rivers. According to them, she doesn’t deserve to have a child. Here’s the whole story!

The vigilant TikTok users have taken action right after Christina Rivers was spotted with a child. Users have questioned how a woman charged for her own child’s death can be allowed to have a kid again. If you haven’t followed the Sabine Parish story, you might not understand the above phrases.

It all started in 2017 at Sabine Parish when a 2-year-old kid was found dead in a swimming pool. Initially, it appeared to be an accident but after the autopsy, Christiana River (Kid’s Mother) was charged against her child’s death.

Three years later, the story has made a comeback and TikTok users are now concerned for the child living with Christiana. Let’s discover more about this woman from Sabine Parish.

Who Is Christina Rivers

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Christina Rivers has become the new talk of the town as she uploads a video on her TikTok account. She is a 26-year-old woman who lives with her son in the swamps of Louisiana. Her son often accompanies her in the lip-synching videos or in her workout videos.

Currently, she has 211.6k followers on TikTok but her Instagram account is private with 1436 followers. There is no more information about private life, job, and family. In most of her Instagram and TikTok posts, she is seen with her son.

She became known to most of the users after she posted a video with her son saying “My son’s first valentine’s day”. Though the video remained active for a single day, it caught the attention of the famous TikToker called Michael. Later, Michael started digging about her past and came up with a shocking video.

What Happened To Christiana’s Son?

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In the year 2017, Christina’s son Mason died of drowning in a swimming pool. During the investigation, she said she was in the shower and her child went missing. After few hours, she reported about her son’s missing. In the mid-morning, Mason was found floating in their neighbor’s swimming pool.

She further told the police that Mason was familiar with their neighbors and he often visited their house. But the neighbor’s family was out of town on the day of the incident. After investigating in various aspects, police arrested her.

After Autopsy, they found methamphetamine in the body of Mason while Blood drawn from Rivers on the day of Mason’s death also contained methamphetamine and amphetamines. The autopsy further indicated that the child had been dead approximately one hour prior to being found.

Later, Rivers remained in Sabine District Court for a bench trial on the second-degree murder of her son Mason. According to KTBS, on 7th August she was taken into the Sabine Parish Detention Center as she pled guilty to neglect homicide.

Following the trend started by Michael, she has responded indirectly from her TikTok account saying, “Yes I have a past, yes I changed, yes I grew, yes, God gave me a second chance.”

Though Christiana was criticized by many people, there were some who stood by her side. Talking about the pain she might face for her child’s loss, one TikTok user said “I know I am a good person because I felt like shit criticizing and judging this young girl. She has to live with losing her child and that’s painful. I apologize”.

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Last Words

This was all about Christiana and her past. Hopefully, the article has enlightened you with all details you wanted to know.

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