Q&A To TikTok Bio — Here’s All About The New Feature

TikTok is working on a new feature that allows the users to post Q&A To TikTok Bio. Using this feature, creators can directly answer the questions asked by audience in form of text or video. Haven’t received this feature yet? Here is why!

Since its launch TikTok is working on improving its user interface so the users can have better experience. Few months before the Chinese video sharing application came up with some new features including the text to speech feature, mutual tab and graphic video warning feature. Along with all these features it has also added simple video editing tools, new soundtracks, effects and filters.

Despite of all these amazing features, some users have criticized the app for being a difficult application to use. To cope up with its customers’ satisfaction, TikTok is working on improving its UI. Today we will talk about the new Q&A To TikTok Bio feature for TikTok users. Keep reading!

How To Add Q&A On TikTok

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Adding the question and answer on TikTok is quite simple but before getting into detail, we will learn about the requirements you will need to have this feature on your TikTok account. As Instagram doesn’t allow the users to monetize their accounts until they hit a followers count of 10000. Similarly, TikTok users will be able to have this feature once they get a certain number of followers on their account.

It is also compulsory to be more 16 years old to have this feature on your TikTok account. To access the feature, firstly you have to open your TikTok account and then head towards the home screen tab. Now tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen.

You will now get exposed to a number of options, select the option that says “Creator”. It will lead you to another tab having a bunch of options. Among all these options select the option that says, Q&A. once you select the option, you will get to see the Turn on button at the top of your screen. Tap on it and now your followers can directly ask questions using this feature.

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What Is Q&A On TikTok

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The Q&A option on TikTok bio is a new option being added on the video sharing application. It helps the creators to directly get engaged with the audience and the fans can directly ask questions to their favorite TikTok stars. The feature also works during video and livestreams (TikTok LIVE).

This feature is also available on other social media platforms including Instagram Stories and Snapchat. But on TikTok the creators can even respond to individual comments using small videos, that are more explanatory and comprehensible. Though the new feature is quite helpful for content creators to get engaged with the audience but on the other hand it is quite difficult for them to cope with the flooded questions.

The best thing about this feature is that, the creators don’t have to post a whole new video explaining any specific question or trend. All they have to do is answer all the questions while streaming live. It is also important to know that there isn’t any limit for the questions to be asked.

For the fans, they can ask questions using two ways, one by directly taping on the question and answer button, and secondly by tapping on the link provided by the creator. Users should also know that, they can have this feature only if they have minimum 10000 followers on their TikTok account.

Last Words

This was all about the new Q&A To TikTok Bio feature. Hope you have got enough information about this new feature. You can use the below comment box for any further queries.

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