Instagram Profile Song Feature – Explained

Rumors are swirling across the internet claiming that Instagram is working on its new Profile Song Feature. When is Instagram actually going to roll out the Profile Song Feature and how it is going to work for the users? Here is everything you need about the rumored new feature of Instagram.

Social media applications are in a constant race to cope with the user experience. They are constantly rolling out new features to stay ahead in the race. From live streaming options to the story, status, and disappearing message options, social media platforms have amazed users with some of the most amazing features one can desire.

Though Instagram is encountering some major glitches recently, it still is striving hard to bring the best quality to its users.

As of now, rumors about a new feature ‘Profile Song’ are taking rounds on the internet and users seem so excited about it. If the former photo-sharing app rolls this feature, it will be the first of its kind. Earlier, Facebook provided the profile video option besides that none of the social media platforms have added any such features so far.

Here is everything we know about this rumored new feature of Instagram.

What Is The New Instagram Profile Song Feature?

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The rumors claim that Instagram is planning to introduce a brand new feature. This profile song feature will enable the users to set a background song for their handles. This song will play whenever someone visits your account. Scrolling across the Instagram gallery while listening to a song in the background, sounds like something really cool.

These rumors started making rounds on the internet after a user named Alessandro Paluzzi talked about it on Twitter. In his Tweet, he added a Screenshot alongside the caption, “#Instagram is working on the ability to add a song to your profile.”

He claimed that he has access to this feature on Instagram. The screenshot backs the claims he made. He had the option to add a background track to his handle. It signifies that Instagram might be working on it and the feature is in its testing phase.

However, these claims are not backed up by any authentic source. It is just that a user had come up with a screenshot and people started relying on him without giving it a second thought. The screenshot also depicts that there is an option to put a caption for the song that users have selected to add to their handle.

Nonetheless, Instagram has denied these claims. The former photo-sharing app has further revealed that the screenshot that was being shared earlier is a prototype and is not being tested externally as of now.

Is Profile Song Feature Now Available On Instagram?

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For people who already are using ‘MySpace’, this feature may not surprise you. However, for the rest of the social media users, this feature has come as a surprise. Though Instagram has not revealed any news of adding this feature to the platform, however, users are really excited to have this feature on Instagram one day.

Ever since the rumor about the Instagram Profile Song started going viral on the internet, people have shared several memes comparing it to the MySpace features.

Here is how Instagram users have joked about this feature on Twitter:

One user wrote, “MySpace ran so Instagram could walk”

Another user reported the rumor saying, “Instagram is working on the ability to add a song to your profile”.

“Somehow MySpace has returned”, added another user.

“When are we going to add our top 8 next? #myspace”, asked one user.

“Instagram is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to pick a ‘Profile Song,’ similar to MySpace”, reported another.

Several people have expressed pleasure over the idea of this feature while others have suggested Instagram work on its chronological feed first.

As of writing, Instagram has not revealed any information about sharing such a feature. However, the response that this news has gained translates that users would love it if this is added to the platform.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether or not Instagram is rolling out the new Instagram Profile Song Feature. What’s your opinion about this feature? Let us know in the comment box below.

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