Why Are TikTok Videos Going Under Review In October 2022? Explained

TikTok content creators are wondering to know why their videos are going under review in October 2022. If you are among these users who are frustrated and are looking for a solution, we have got you covered. Below we have provided all the details about why are the TikTok videos going under review in 2022 and whether or TikTok is down. Stay tuned!

TikTok users are encountering a lot of errors lately on the video-sharing platform. The complaints from users have flooded Twitter but the ByteDance-owned video-sharing app has not responded to any of the complaints yet.

Some users have revealed that their videos are getting zero views while others have complained that their content is not hitting the Foryou page. Some other users have also reported that their videos are not even showing up on their own handles even though they are published.

All these issues started heading on the video-sharing app on 18th October 2022. Content creators are not really happy about the issues and they have expressed their displeasure over them.

Another issue that is being widely reported by TikTok users is that their videos are going under review even though the videos do not contain anything bad or violate the community guidelines. Thus, they are asking TikTok why are their TikTok videos going under review in October 2022. TikTok has not responded to their concerns yet.

Is TikTok Down In October 2022?

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TikTok users have taken to Twitter to report their frustration over glitches they are facing on the platform lately. They are confused about the way TikTok is processing their content these days. Here is how users have responded to these errors on the Bird App, Twitter:

One user wrote, “Anyone else having trouble with TikTok today? I’ve posted to three VERY different accounts (two brands, one personal) and all of the videos have been under review for like 2 hours…”

Another said, “TikTok is down tried posting a video I was really proud of and it was under review for an hour. Now the repost quality is gonna be trash.”

“How does one get TikToks they’ve posted OUT of the “under review” stage?! I’ve had two stuck there for HOURS,”  inquired another user.

“Tiktok is down again smhm” Tweeted another user on Twitter.

Despite several complaints made by TikTok users, there is no response from the TikTok team.

Nonetheless, the widespread nature of these issues signifies that there is something wrong at the end of the TikTok server.

Why Are My Videos Under Review On TikTok?

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One major reason why the videos go under review is the violation of TikTok guidelines. If your videos are violating any TikTok term, they may not get any views and remain under the review process.

Below are the guidelines that you need to cope with so that your videos do not go under review:

  • Do not post videos that are of violent nature.
  • Your video must not contain the factor of hatred or it should not spread hatred.
  • Avoid posting videos that include illegal activities or goods. Illegal businesses and activities are also not allowed on the platform.
  • Content that showcases any sort of self-harm must be avoided.
  • Your videos must not contain nudity. Make sure your videos do not talk about sexuality.
  • Videos that feature Harassment and bullying must also not be uploaded else you may get shadowbanned or get permanently banned from the platform.
  • Content that damages the integrity and authenticity of the platform also isn’t allowed
  • Minor safety must also be kept in mind while posting content.

Following the above guideline, you can save yourself from getting shadowbanned on the app. Violating even a minor guideline can take your videos under review and in some cases, your entire handle might be taken down.

However, if you have not violated any terms and your videos still are under review, then it must be a glitch. Report the problem to the TikTok support team and your issue will get resolved.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about why are TikTok videos going under review in October 2022. We are expecting that the issues will get resolved soon.

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