Is Queen Cheryl Alive In April 2023? Death Hoax Debunked

TikTok users are concerned for Queen Cheryl as Quran was seen crying in a recent TikTok, so, is Queen Cheryl alive in April 2023? Why was Quran crying in the latest TikTok video? Is Queen Cheryl alive in April 2023 or not? Below we have gathered all the details. Keep reading to know all the details surrounding Queen Cheryl’s death.

TikTok is home to all the trending rumors and speculations. You will get to hear about time travelers, sea mermaids, flying brooms, and whatnot. Being home to millions of people from across the globe, the platform has a lot to offer. You will learn about plenty of new things each day. The platform will also help you learn new slang terms and acronyms.

In addition to giving you information about several new things, the platform is also home to death hoaxes. It is the place from where death hoaxes usually originate. As an avid user of TikTok, you must also have seen how the content shared on this video-sharing app makes an impact on the lives of several people.

Just recently, people are talking about the famous TikTok couple Queen Cheryl and Quran. The couple is mainly popular for their age difference. After users have come across an emotional video from Quran, the users believe that Queen Cheryl is dead. To help these users get all the details, below we have gathered all the available information about whether or not Queen Cheryl is alive in April 2023. Keep reading to get all the details.

Why Was Quran Crying In The Latest TikTok Video?

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Queen Cheryl and Quran are one of the most popular couples on the video-sharing app. The couple has a huge follower base on TikTok. Queen Cheryl is currently 61-year-old while Quran is just 24. This age difference is the reason why users love watching their content. Initially, when the couple rose to fame, users believed that Cheryl was using a filter to look old. However, this wasn’t the case! Cheryl is actually 61-year-old and Quran is not even half of her age. Nonetheless, the couple is living a happy life.

Normally, this couple shares their day-to-day life on TikTok and users love their chemistry. They also have amassed a considerable number of followers on their Instagram and all credit goes to TikTok.

Considering their age of Cheryl, users usually speculate about her health. Many times we even have come across death hoaxes surrounding Quran’s girl.

A recent emotional video from Quran has again given rise to speculations about Cheryl. Some users believe that Cheryl is dead and it was the reason for the emotional video from Quran.   

Is Quran’s Girlfriend Queen Cheryl Alive In April 2023?

Is Queen Cheryl Alive In April 2023

Quran posted a video on March 31st, where he was seen crying. As soon as their followers came across this video, they related it to Cheryl. Some people even assumed that Cheryl was no longer alive.

Here is how users responded to this emotional video from Quran:

One user wrote, “Did she die?”

Another said, “why are you crying?”

“Did they break up”, inquired another user.

“Are they still together”, said one.

While people were quick to react to the video, they totally ignored the caption where Quran clarified the reason behind his being emotional. He wrote in the caption that they are unable to find a surrogate.

Quran has also responded to the queries of their followers and has claimed that Cheryl is perfectly fine and the couple is spending a happy and healthy life. They are in fact looking to have a baby through surrogacy.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about whether or not Queen Cheryl is alive in April 2023. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.  

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