Mike Who Cheese Hairy Meaning On TikTok – Explained

Users on TikTok are wondering to know the meaning of ‘Mike Who Cheese Hairy’ as the slang phrase has taken over the foryou page. If you are among these users who are wondering to know the meaning of Mike Who Cheese Hairy on TikTok, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this slang term.

Developing new slang terms and acronyms and making them go viral on TikTok has become quite common for Gen Z. From Twitter to TikTok and Instagram to Snapchat, there are thousands of slang terms that you must come across while scrolling. Gen Z especially specializes in creating new slang terms and acronyms that millennials barely understand.

Most of the time such slang terms are designed with the aim to keep the conversations short and secret. In some cases, users even create shortcodes to talk publicly with their friends without letting anyone else know what they are actually talking about.

Amid this, coming across a disgusting slang phrase is also common. Ever since TikTok started working, it has become the hub of slang terms. New users often find these terms hard to understand thus we usually come up with their explanations. Today also, we are here to address the meaning of the viral slang Mike Who Cheese Hairy on TikTok. Keep reading to get all the information about this slang term.

What Does Mike Who Cheese Hairy Mean on TikTok?

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The latest slang phrase that is confusing the users on TikTok is Mike Who Cheese Hairy. The popularity of this slang term has grown to an extent that the hashtag #mikewhocheesehairy has garnered over 25 million views.

The ‘Mike Who Cheese Hairy’ slang is not new to the internet. It’s just that this term has got popularity on TikTok now. The term existed on the internet since 2009. To complete this trend, users have to do is, they have to write the phrase on a piece of paper and ask any of their friends to read it out loud while filming them. Next, the reader has to read the term faster so that its meaning becomes obvious.

As the person understands he is sounding like, “my coochie is hairy”, you have to record their reaction. Most of the participants of this trend have given hilarious reactions. Once recorded, the video is shared on TikTok thus the ‘Mike Who Cheese Hairy’ trend is getting popular.

Mike Who Cheese Hairy Meaning TikTok

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“Mike Who Cheese Hairy” is basically a prank that TikTok users are pulling on their friends. Several videos have emerged following this slang term and it has now become a whole new trend.

While reading the phrase ‘Mike Who Cheese Hairy’ people have given hilarious reactions. Some have laughed hilariously while for others the prank has not settled well.

This prank has existed online for quite a long now but TikTok users are currently obsessed with it. Here is how Urban Dictionary has explained this trend:

As per the definition submitted on the Urban Dictionary by TheLesbianFurryVirus on 3rd December 2019, Mike Who Cheese Hairy  is “A trick to make your friends hate you (My Coochies Hairy) Write it down Read it out loud. “Mike Who Cheese Hairy”

If you liked this trend on TikTok, you can also follow the below trends that follow the footsteps of the ‘Mike Who Cheese Hairy’ trend:

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of ‘Mike Who Cheese Hairy’ and the ways you can it on TikTok. Hopefully, you have found all the information you were looking for.

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