Is Listenbourg A Real Country? Twitter Meme Explained

A Twitter meme referring to Listenbourg as a real country is making rounds on the internet and several internet users are tricked into believing that this is a European country. Users especially those from America are confused and are looking for more details about this new country. If you too are looking to know whether or not Listenbourg is a real country, below we have provided all the details.

Meme trends have become vital for social media users now. The trend of sharing memes online is decades old but currently, all the social media users are going gaga over this trend.

Memes on social media can be made and shared in any format. Sometimes they come as videos and other times they are shared as images. Whatever the format, social media platforms will be boring if memes are eliminated.

Millions of users are using social media apps just to look at hilarious memes and to entertain themselves. And those who create memes are earning their livelihood by simply sharing memes on social media.

The latest meme that has taken over Twitter says that Listenbourg is a European country and is confusing American users online. Here we have broken down everything about the Listenbourg meme and its origin.

Is Listenbourg A Fake Country?

Image Of Is Listenbourg A Fake Country

Well, the Listenbourg meme emerged on Twitter, when a French Twitter user shared a photo of Europe’s map with a red arrow edited on it. While sharing the image he wrote, “Je suis sûr que les américains ne connaissent même pas le nom de ce pays,” he wrote in the caption, which translates to: “I’m sure Americans don’t even know the name of this country.”

This meme was shared on October 31st, 2022 and within a few minutes of sharing the meme, it went viral on the Bird App. As of now, the picture has earned more than 112.5K likes and 2k replies.

The red arrow that was added to the map of Europe, was pointing towards a fake country added to the left of Portugal. The meme was created and shared on Twitter with the intention to trick American users who are stereotypically bad at European geography.

Hundreds of French users have joined the thread and they have started to fool their fellow social media users.

As Listenbourg sounds actually like a European country, several people have believed what the meme says. For several Twitter users, Listenbourg is now a European country that in reality is just a meme.

Aiding the legitimacy of this fake meme and adding more fun, several famous personalities have participated in the trend. This has confused social media users, especially Twitter users.

What Is Listenbourg Meme On Twitter?

Image Of What Is Listenbourg Meme On Twitter

In a matter of 4 days, this meme trend has gone immensely popular on the Bird App. You will be surprised to know that the hashtag Listenbourg has already crossed 1000 memes.

To add more fun, even the official page of the France 2024 Olympics has joined the trend. The Tweet read, “Listenbourg has now joined Paris 2024, increasing the number of countries taking part from 206 to 207.”

You would be surprised to know that Map service Waze has also hopped onto this meme trend saying, “Listenbourg, at least we know how to get there!”

Adding more spice to the trend, the political group Europe L’Ensemble has also participated in the trend. They wrote, “We support Listenbourg’s membership of the European Union.”

The official page of Prime Video France has also participated in the meme trend. The page wrote, “The report on the Listenbourg, soon available.”

Several known personalities and organizations have taken part in the trend making the meme trend reach countries across the border. The meme has now traveled to the UK and the famous Ryanair is also into the game.

While sharing a map on Twitter, Ryanair wrote, “Proud to be announcing our new base in Listenbourg!”

Social media users have taken the meme even further by announcing the leader of the fake country. The Tweet read, “The current King Listen XLVIII to welcome our first flight into Lurenberg (Nachtland) airport on 05/11/2022.”

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The Bottom Line

Listenbourg is not a real country but a meme. Several Twitter users have participated in the meme trend to make it go viral.

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