Mushroom Straw Stopper Holiday Cup Price – Revealed

TikTok users are going gaga over the latest Mushroom Straw Stopper Starbucks holiday cup and they are wondering to know its price. The cute holiday cups have made everyone obsessed and they are rushing to have theirs. Amid this, here we have gathered all the details about the viral Mushroom Straw Stopper cup and users’ reactions towards it. Stay tuned!

TikTok has emerged as one of the best social media platforms that alongside entertaining you, enables you to keep stock of all the latest trends. From fashion trends to innovations in electronics, food, clothing, cosmetics, and all, the app has every sort of content to benefit you.

There are several content creators who keep check of all the new trends in all categories and they even share reviews of the products. Such videos have simplified the lives of many as they rely on the information provided by these videos before they make any deal.

Following a few viral videos that talked about the Mushroom Straw Stopper Starbucks holiday cup, this new cup has now become the talk of the town. TikTok users cannot stop talking about it.

This cup emerged online after Starbucks launched a range of Christmas collections. This collection comprises Bling Cold Cups, matching ornaments, and many other items. If you wish to buy any of these items, below we have broken down everything about them. Keep reading!

Mushroom Straw Stopper Starbucks Holiday Cup

Image Of Mushroom Straw Stopper Starbucks Holiday Cup

After encountering the videos that featured the cute Mushroom Straw Stopper Starbucks Holiday Cup, TikTok users are rushing to their nearest Starbucks stores to lay their hands over this cutest product.

Though Starbucks has launched a range of Christmas collections the Mushroom Straw Stopper has got immense attention from TikTok users.

As far as the appearance of this viral cup is concerned, it has prints of flowers and leaves all around it. Furthermore, the straw can be closed using the mushroom-shaped stopper. The top of the cup is adorned with a flower-shaped stopper which has melted the hearts of many internet users. No doubt, this item is among the cutest items that we have ever encountered online.

The recent Christmas collections of Starbucks were launched on the 3rd of November. The items have already reached the wish lists of many Netizens.

Several users have already got their cup and they are raving about it on the video-sharing app. Such videos have aided the popularity of the Starbucks’ Mushroom Straw Stopper Holiday cup.

Users have taken it to Twitter to talk about this cup. One user noted that they are all set to show up at their closest Starbucks store to get this holiday cup as soon as the store opens.

One user who already got the cup wrote, “My bro got me the new Starbucks cup!!


Some other users have found these cups the coolest holiday cups from Starbucks. And others have shown a desire to get their hands over all the latest holiday cups that Starbucks has launched recently.

Well, Starbucks’ holiday cup fever doesn’t seem to fade till Christmas as users are really impressed by the latest collection.

Mushroom Straw Stopper Starbucks Cup

Image Of Mushroom Straw Stopper Starbucks Cup

As Starbucks has not revealed the official price of Starbucks holiday cups, several people online are wondering to know the Starbucks’ Mushroom Straw holiday cup price.

Well, to know the prices, you may have to wait a little longer. Or you may have to visit your nearest Starbucks store.

Nonetheless, Starbucks holiday cups have plenty of options. You can get the old and sangria Bling Cold Cups for $29.95, while the matching ornaments are priced at $14.95.

Below we have provided the list of holiday cups alongside their prices, have a look!

  • Jeweled Cold Cups (24 oz) – $22.95
  • Gradient Candy Water Bottle (20 oz) – $24.95
  • Enchanted Forest Cup (24 oz) – $27.95
  • Light Pink Lace Cup (24 oz) – $22.95
  • Mint Poinsettia Tumbler (12 oz) – $19.95
  • Color Changing Hot Cup Set (6 pack/16 oz) – $19.9

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the latest sensation ‘Mushroom Straw Stopper Holiday Cup’ and its price details. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comments box below.

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