No Nut November Trend Origin – Here’s All You Need To Know

Every year in November the No Nut November trend goes viral on the internet but very few users are aware of its origin. If you are wondering who created the No Nut November trend, and who made the rules for it, we have got you covered. Here is all you need to know about the origin of the No Nut November trend and its rules.

This is not a surprise to witness bizarre trends on the video-sharing app. Ever since its launch, we have come across thousands of video challenges and trends that are meaningless but are famous on the video-sharing app.

Some of the TikTok challenges are meant for entertaining users while others aim at making users aware of important information. There also are challenges that aim at testing the stamina of the users, such as trends that aim at testing the users physically and emotionally causing more bad than good to the users.

Not to ignore, some challenges aim at testing the patience of users and this is what the No Nut November also known as the NNN trend is doing on the internet. The trend is specially designed for men. It asks them to restrain from sexual activities throughout the month of November. As the trend is going viral on the video-sharing app, below we have gathered all the details about it.

Who Created The No Nut November Challenge?

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The No Nut November aka NNN trend emerges on TikTok in the month of November. The trend asks the participants to abstain from sexual activities for the entire month of November. Participants in the trend are not allowed to touch themselves. They are not allowed to ‘bust a nut’, if they succeed in doing so they have cleared the challenge.

No Nut November aka NNN is an old trend that has remained on the internet for more than a year now. It emerged on TikTok in 2017 but it was not the first time the trend was made.

As per ‘Know Your Meme’, the No Nut November aka NNN challenge belongs to the year 2011.

For the first time, No Nut November was addressed by an Urban Dictionary user ‘bicboi6969696969’. The user explained the phrase No Nut November in their Urban Dictionary. It means that the No Nut November might have originated even before 2011.

The entry submitted to the Urban Dictionary by user ‘bicboi6969696969’ defined it as,

“A challenge where an individual is not allowed to touch themselves for the entire month of November.” The challenge got immense popularity on social media later on.

The challenge has now reached all major social platforms including Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok. Thousands of people have also taken part in the trend.

No Nut November Origin

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The No Nut November trend has some strict rules. Those who want to be part of this trend have to meet all the below requirements:

  • Men participating in the No Nut November trend have to restrain from watching adult content.
  • They are not allowed to touch themselves.
  • They don’t have to be part of any sexual activity.
  • At any point, if they fail to follow the above rules, they fail the challenge and are out of the league.

Over time, the trend has also changed a little. Users have made some changes for their convenience. For example, people born in the month of November are free not to participate in this trend, while men born in the rest of the months have to participate in the challenge to test their patience level.

Besides this, if the participants receive a No Nut November Pass, also sometimes called a Coupon, from a woman, they have the option to skip the trend for a day. This pass can only be obtained once a month and it gives freedom for just a single day. Also, it is mandatory for the participants to receive a pass from a woman (not a man) to be able to take rest for a day.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the origin of the No Nut November trend is, and how should the participants take this trend on social media. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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