Viral Ghost Rugs On TikTok — The Spooky Halloween Asset

Some spooky Ghost rugs are going viral on TikTok and users are trying to lay their hands over them before Halloween arrives. If you are clueless about where to find these rugs, we have got you covered. Stay tuned and get enlightened with all details related to the viral ghost rugs.

Besides witnessing viral dance trends and funny clips, we also have seen some chic fashion apparel on TikTok. There also are content creators who create product reviews to help their fans know about certain products. Recently, a video showcased a black and white rug that the TikTok users call Ghost Rug became immensely popular.

According to the TikTok users, it is the perfect item for this Halloween hence, every individual on TikTok is trying to have their claw on it. Here is more about the popular Ghost Rug from TikTok.

What Are Ghost Rugs

Image Of What Are Ghost Rugs

The white and black spooky rug from TikTok has become immensely popular as the users consider them to be the best Halloween asset. The idea of the ghost rugs surfaced as HomeGoods rolled a video showcasing a spooky rug. As soon as the video was uploaded it spread like a wildfire on the platform and users started looking for the rug.

Due to drastic demand, the ghost rugs have already flown from the shelves leaving people in wonder.  According to HITC resellers are now selling the rugs 5x greater than their actual cost.

Every single person who has watched the ghost rug video is looking for ways to have their hands over it before the Halloween season arrives.

This viral Halloween-themed rug is priced at $25. It is the on-trend home decor piece that the majority of TikTok users want. However, people are unable to locate the rug anywhere. They have expressed their annoyance on various other social media platforms as well.

A user who looked all around to have the rug but failed to get one wrote on TikTok. “Went to marshalls, ross, tj Maxx, home goods, not ONE good spooky Halloween blankie, ghost rug, or Halloween coffee mugs”.

Another frustrated snooper Tweeted, “Really hate TikTok sometimes because they make something popular and now you can’t find it anywhere. Then resellers sell it 5x the worth. I just want my ghost rug.”

You can also know the popularity of this rug by the following post made by a user named @Sarah, “Spooky babes don’t want boys, spooky babes want the ghost rug from marshalls”.

Where To Buy Viral Ghost Rugs

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TikTok users are even seeking help from their followers to get the rug. One user wrote, “Hey so if anyone comes across that ghost rug from Marshall’s, I Will pay you for it, Cry Emoji”.

Some more reactions made by TikTok users are as follows:

“Well I didn’t find the ghost rug but I did get the matching ghost cake plate and bowl so I’m a happy gal”, said one. “I am going to riot if I don’t find this gd ghost rug from marshalls”, wrote another.

To get the spooky viral rug in this scenario is a matter of luck. According to HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s, the rug is already sold. However, you can check third-party selling websites such as eBay. If you have tried all other ways and still couldn’t find it, you can also check the spookily fun rugs and doormats available on Etsy for sale.

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Bottom Line

Though, the viral ghost rugs of TikTok are nowhere to be found. However, you can try your luck by searching on third-party selling websites.

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