Joker Tattoo Meaning On TikTok – Explained

A new tattoo trend ‘Joker Tattoo’ is making rounds on TikTok and users are wondering to know its meaning. If you are among these users who are looking to know what it means when someone makes a Joker tattoo, we have got you covered. Below we have provided all the details about what the Joker Tattoo means and why is it trending on the video-sharing app.

Tattoos are considered art to express your inner self. People often get tattooed for a reason. Some do it with an aim to remember something/someone for their life while others inked to express what has been holding inside themselves for quite long. In either way, Tattoos are an amazing way to express yourself.

Ever since TikTok’s launch, we have come across several Tattoo designs that went viral on the app. Among all these tattoos the most recent one was a ‘Semicolon’ tattoo that revealed a lot about someone’s past. It talked about how someone at one point in their life decided to attempt suicide.

The tattoo went viral on the TikTok app and several people talked about it on the video-sharing app. A similar meaning tattoo, Joker Tattoo is flaunting across TikTok and users are wondering to know its meaning. To help them all below we have detailed all information about this viral tattoo design.

What Is The Meaning Of Joker Tattoo On TikTok?

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A joker is someone who makes people laugh and keep them happy, but the meaning of a Joker Tattoo is totally opposite.

Explaining the logic behind this tattoo the TikTok content creator @short-mort wrote in response to a comment that read, “What does the Joker tattoo mean”. He said the Joker tattoo means: “Lack of love, abandonment or neglect.”

The Tattoo is made when someone is withdrawn into oneself. Some people have got this tattoo to express their emotions about any kind of relationship romance, family, or even with friends.

So, the meaning of a Joker Tattoo is not about happiness but about, sorrow, lack of love, and abandonment. It explains how a person is treated as a joker by someone else. It talks about how a person is being abandoned by someone after sharing several happy moments.

The term Joker Tattoo has gone so viral that it has become a viral hashtag now.

Joker Tattoo Meaning TikTok                                            

Image Of Joker Tattoo Meaning TikTok

The Joker tattoo is actually inspired by the painful story of the Supervillain. For the people who don’t know much about Supervillain, he was a character born out of childhood trauma. He is the saddest anti-hero, who endured enormous pain while growing up.

In the series, this role is played by Jared Leto. He is being depicted as a psychopath with a dark sense of humor. However, his character was shaped by his past experiences. His story of abandonment has inspired several people thus they have come up with the concept of Joker Tattoo.

Several TikTok users have already got this tattoo done on their hands and on other parts of their bodies.

Another similar tattoo that went viral on TikTok was Medusa Tattoo. The concept of this tattoo revolves around Medusa who was punished for being assaulted by Poseidon in Athena’s temple. Medusa was punished by Athena by turning into a monster who had snaked for hair.

However, now Medusa tattoo is made to raise awareness against sexual assault. Several women on TikTok have shared Medusa Tattoos as a symbol of survivors and victims of assault.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of trending Joker Tattoo on TikTok. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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