What Is The Worth Of Lion In TikTok Live Streams? Explained

In TikTok live streams, fans can now send in gifts to their favorite content creators, and among these gifts is a lion. As the lion appears rarely in the TikTok live streams, users want to know what the worth of this gift is. For all the TikTok users who are wondering to know the worth of lion in TikTok live streams, below we have provided all the details about it. Keep reading!

Ever since its launch, TikTok has worked on several new features. From new filters and effects to new features like reposting videos, live streaming and so it.

It initially started as a short video-sharing platform but it later enabled content creators to share long videos as well. Currently, TikTok users can now share videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes. The video length was initially 30 seconds, later it was increased to 3 minutes and in February 2022, it the maximum video length for videos was increased to 10 minutes.

Besides sharing videos, content creators can now talk to their fans via live streams. They can also closely interact with fans via the questions and answers feature that the app has already launched.

The app is also working on adorning the existing features by adding new elements to it. The app allows users to send gifts to their favorite creators during live streams. Here we are going disclose what the worth of these gifts including the worth of the lion is in the TikTok live streams.

TikTok Lion Worth In Live Streams

Image Of TikTok Lion Worth In Live Streams

The live stream feature has become immensely popular on the video-sharing app. It is among the most relied-on features that content creators use to interact closely with their fans and in return, fans can send in gifts to their idols via these streams.

Whenever a content creator starts a live session, viewers can find a number of gift options on their screens, these gifts can be sent in as a symbol of support for the content creator. All the gifts have a special worth and the creator actually gets the money if any of his fans send him a gift.

To send these gifts TikTok users have to purchase gifts using TikTok coins. For those readers who don’t have enough information about the TikTok gifts, these can be bought for actual currency on the video-sharing app. It means that you can buy TikTok gifts by swapping your money.

If you want to buy gifts for live stream sessions, you will be required to have a payment method attached to your TikTok handle. You can get 65 TikTok coins for $0.99 and 6,607 coins for $99.99. There are several other packages that you can choose from. Simply put, get more coins by adding more dollars.

Some of the popular gifts in the live streams include a rose, a panda, an elusive lion, and many others.

One thing that is worth mentioning is, individuals of more than 18 years can only buy these gifts on TikTok.

How Much Does The Line Cost In TikTok Live Stream?

Image Of How Much Does The Line Cost In TikTok Live Stream

Among the most expensive gifts that someone can send to their favorite content creator is a lion. Do you know what the worth of this TikTok lion is in live streams? Well, you would be surprised to know the worth of a lion in TikTok live streams.

A TikTok lion is among the few expensive gifts anyone can send in live streams. If you still want to send this gift, you may have to think twice.

To send a lion in live streams, you will require 29,999 TikTok coins which will cost you over $400. It means $400 to send one lion as a gift!

If you are a content creator and you are receiving a lion, it means the sender is a crazy fan of yours and they have spent a substantial amount of money to make it happen.

Most of the viewers send such expensive gifts to get noticed by their idols and to get appreciation from them.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the worth of a lion in TikTok live streams is and what it means to send one. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the information you needed to know.

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